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Exercise-to-Music Routines for Seniors

Seniors, just like people from younger age groups should engage in various physical activities or various exercises to keep their body strong and functioning at its best, and physical activities can also improve people’s mood since it can stimulate the production and release of endorphins or happy hormones. Seniors who perform or follow exercises that have something to do with music can definitely provide them with fun and entertaining way to get and stay in shape. Playing music during workout sessions can help make the workout session seem easier, more pleasurable, and it will be easier for seniors to count how long they are going to perform a single exercise position etc.

Exercise-to-Music Routine: Dancing

Exercise-to-Music Routines for Seniors

Dancing is not only fun and entertaining to all, it can also be a great way in providing cardiovascular workout that can help in maintaining a healthy heart. Aside from dancing’s health benefit, it can also be a great way for seniors to socially interact with other people. Seniors should always keep in mind that it is very important for them to maintain social relationships since it can help seniors to feel happier and even prevent them from developing psychological disorders from developing, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. With so many different kinds of dances available, seniors can choose what type of music they want to play and they can also choose the music tempos.

Exercise-to-Music Routine: Chair Exercises

For those seniors who find it hard to go dancing to their favorite music, they can still perform physical exercise-to-music routines through chair exercises. Chair exercise is a popular senior exercise to music. Chairs used in this exercise can be used as a balancer since seniors can hold on to the back portion of the chair while performing exercises, such as lifting and holding the leg in different positions, standing up on tip toes, and many more. Chair exercises can also be performed while seniors are sitting down. To keep the exercise easier to count, using beats of the music can help seniors’ in keeping count.

Exercise-to-Music Routine: Walking

Seniors can go walking or hiking either indoors or outdoors while listening to music. To make seniors’ walking exercise to be less boring, they can adjust their walking speed according to the music’s beat they are currently listening to. It will greatly depend on the senior on how long and how far will she walk for a single walking session.