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Choosing the Right Adaptive Brain Games for Seniors

Among all people from all different age groups, it is very important for seniors to live an active lifestyle as much as possible. When we look at the normal process of life, it is inevitable for all people not to reach a certain stage in life that the development physical limitations, cognitive limitations, or both will happen. However, having physical and cognitive limitations does not mean to stop enjoying and love a stimulating and active life. In fact, there are adaptive brain games specially designed for seniors with certain limitations for them to enjoy and keep their minds stimulated, which can help in slowing down or totally preventing the deterioration of their brain function.

Senior Woman Having a Hard Time Seeing Clearly

Adaptive Brain Games for Seniors:

Who does not enjoy playing games? I think all people, regardless of their age, love playing games, especially games that involve playing with other people. For seniors, there are still certain types of games that they can benefit from, aside from only enjoying the game. Examples of an adaptive game for seniors are brain puzzles. What makes brain puzzles for seniors different from usual brain puzzles is that, seniors have reduced vision, so most likely, brain puzzles should consist of having bigger pieces and letters, for seniors to easily see.

How to Choose the Right Adaptive Game for Seniors:

When choosing a certain brain game or brain puzzle for seniors, it is very important to consider several factors, including how it can affect the player’s mood. Be sure that the game should be easy enough, yet challenging, and it should not be frustrating to the seniors playing. Puzzles should also always be appropriate for their age. Other factors to consider when choosing the right adaptive game for seniors are:

  • Colors should be distinct to prevent confusion. Choosing puzzles or board games with the colors Blue, White, Green, and Yellow can be helpful for seniors to easily recognize the pieces of the game.
  • When playing puzzles or board games with letters or numbers printed, the font size should be big enough (1 to ½ inches big).
  • Seniors really enjoy playing card games. However, the usual font size on a deck of cards is usually small. Using a deck of cards with large printed numbers can make it easier for seniors to play and enjoy the game with less effort in reading the numbers and suits.

Kinds of Adaptive Brain Games for Seniors:

There are numerous different kinds of adaptive brain games for seniors. Here is a short list of some of the most famous brain games that are enjoyed by seniors.

  • Large Print Sudoku Puzzle
  • Jigsaw Puzzle with large to extra large puzzle pieces
  • Large Print Bingo Cards
  • Large Print Word Search Puzzles

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