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Chess | Brain Games for Seniors

Who does not want to keep their minds sharp until they grow old? I believe just about everyone, especially seniors would like to be as physically healthy as possible while maintaining their mental sharpness, as if they are not going through the ageing process. Studies and researches have proven that seniors who engage their minds to brain exercises and brain games can help in staving off dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, improves or maintains thinking skills, and maintain brain health. There are a lot of different brain games and brain puzzles that are specifically meant to help in improving brain health of seniors. No matter what the personal preferences of each senior and their level of mobility, there will always be a brain game or brain puzzle that can fit to their needs in maintaining their brains to be functioning at its best.


Chess Can Help Sharpen Minds of Seniors

Chess is a type of boar game that is played by only 2 players. The square checkered board of this game is called the chessboard, which consists of black and white 64 small squares, arranged in an 8×8 grid manner. Each chess piece has a specific movement that it can only make at specific times during the game. There are 6 different kinds of chess pieces that have its own pattern of movement. Chess has become one of the most popular board games all over the world and played by almost anyone, no matter what their ages are.

Chess for Seniors:

Chess is a type of board game that can have positive effects on the player’s memory, concentration, analysis, and other cognitive abilities. Immense thinking skills and thinking of strategies and techniques are very important when playing chess in order to have a bigger chance of winning. Chess is beneficial to seniors, since it can promote mental exercising through strategizing and interacting with the other player.

Facts and Benefits of Chess in Seniors:

It has been proven in previous researches and studies that chess can help in keeping the brain functioning at a normal rate, instead of deteriorating with age. Chess is a type of board game that highly involves the usage of the left side of the brain, which requires intelligence, strategies, and planning skills.  For seniors who have been playing chess since they were young, having to continue playing chess until they grow old can be a very good brain exercise in order to maintain mental fitness. And for seniors who do not play chess when they were younger, there is nothing to worry, since chess is very easy to learn.

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