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Chinese Checkers | An Interesting And Tactful Board Game For The Elderly

Well there are plenty of board games and activities for the elderly that you can enjoy and have a quality time with your friends. You would have heard a lot about chess, sequence but did you remember a combination of both these games. Well it is chinese checkers, one of the fun games for the elderly and you would love to play it with your family members or your old buddies. This game name may sound like it’s a Chinese game but it’s not. This game was originated in Germany and was known as Stern-Halma. This can be enjoyed by two, three, four or six members.

Main Object Of The Game

Checkers is an interesting game and the best board game for the elderly involving strategy. Well you might be thinking how to play it? Well the main object of the game is to move all your pegs to the opposite direction in the board. It involves strategic movements and a little bit of thinking and it’s not that easy but it really is fun to play. You cannot compare this game with chess or any other board game as they have certain peculiarities and are different from this. Every player gets his/her set of ten pegs of similar color and they are mostly positioned in the equivalent triangles.

How To Start The Game?

The game starts by tossing a coin. Whosoever wins gets the chance of starting the game. Chinese checkers board layout is composed of six barbed star board. Every triangle is composed of ten holes and is colored in variations. At first turn the player can move his peg either single or multiple hops. If you are jumping over another peg then it must kept on an unoccupied space. You can move the pegs in any direction you want too. Now that you know the board layout and aim of the game you can know about some strategy in the next paragraph.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

You can browse through some professional videos on chinese checkers to know how to play your turn in a skilled way to defeat your opponent. This game mostly becomes quite interesting when you hop half your pegs to the other triangle. One main strategy is to move your pegs located at the ends of first row at your first chance.  Also make sure that you group your marbles or pegs so that each one is evenly moved. To become more proficient you can also try this game on internet and give a tough match to your retired buddies.

Call Up Your Retired Buddies And Have Fun Playing Chinese Checkers

Chinese checker will sure to bring some amazing fun. It’s always advised to be more aggressive in your attack to reach the other triangle rather than being defensive. This will add more energy and more fun in the game. So if you have one at your home just call up your buddies and make some good food at home and start playing. You can also buy it from any Wal-Mart store or from the internet. So don’t wait start practicing it from today and have fun playing this interesting game for the elderly.