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Bean Bag Toss For Seniors

Amazing Picnic Game Activities For Seniors

When planning a picnic or any outdoor event for seniors, you should make special plans for activities for seniors. Among picnic games, suitable for seniors, bean bag toss is one of the most interesting activities for seniors on picnic. From many years, this game has been a source of amazing entertainment and fun. This game is very interesting that is loved by individuals or seniors who fond of fun. Playing this picnic game, seniors can spend many hours in bean bag tossing or beating the opponents. The bean bag toss game has several forms wherein Cornhole is quite popular one. Here you can see all regulations related to bean bag toss.

The Cornhole Board Construction

The construction of cornhole board will cost you some money, but the cost is low. To make a cornhole board, you just have to follow few simple steps. The idea mentioned here will help you making a Cornhole board. You should use two boards in rectangular shape to make set. It should be 24” wide and 48” long. On the top side of the board, a 6 inches hole should be made. It should be 9” from top side and 12” from sides. Give support to the boards at 90 degree. Following these dimensions, you can make a correct cornhole board for playing Bean Bag Toss.

The Accurate Finishing Of The Set

Seniors At Picnic – Bean Bag Toss

To play bean bag toss in proper way and to avoid any kind of injury for seniors, the finishing is must. The Cornhole boards should be perfectly finishing and smooth. You can apply latex gloss paint to give it a finished look. It should be free of blemishes. You can use decorative stuff but it is not necessary. The boards should be thick, so that it can bear heavy weight. The weight of bean bags would not be well handled with a thin board. So, give boards completion and then use it to play bean big toss.

Complete Set Up & Then Start Playing Game

After completing with the Cornhole set up by following all regulations and details, you can move further to play this game. This is a game played in teams. So, involve all senior citizens or your family members in the game to make it full of fun and entertainment. The toss in this game is made in alternative order. It is tossed by throwing one bag from individual player and toss goes on till bags get exhausted. While pitching, the pitcher stands one side of the boards. The pitcher should strictly stand on his place while throwing the bags.

Making Points And Leading To Victory

Like all games, this game is also about playing and earning maximum point to lead over other team. In this game, when the seniors or players land the bean bag tossed in the hole, they earn 3 points and when it is landed on board, they earn 1 point. The proximity to hole does not matter though. In case, any bean bag that bounces on ground and after that strikes to board will not count any point. So, it is a picnic game that can be played with serious rules and regulations, but the fun is assured.