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Bocce Ball A Great Picnic Game For Seniors

Consider Picnic Games For Elderly People In Your Family With Care And Mind

If you care about your seniors or elderly people in your life, then you must know the importance of activities for seniors in their lives. Generally, in families, people love a plan for picnic where they get a chance to spend some time with their family members and to enjoy with them. So, if you are planning a picnic of all members in your family, then you must be interested in various picnic games to make this event full enjoyable. In that case, you have to consider picnic games for elderly people with tender care and smartly because you have to take care of their health and enjoyment at the same time.

Take Bocce Ball In Picnic Games, Which Is One Of The Great Activities For Seniors

Bocce Ball is an ancient game which does not require any introduction for sure. Still if you are not much familiar with this game, then here you will learn how interesting this game is. Though, Bocce Ball resembles like bowling and it needs same skills required in bowling. Moreover, same strategy is used as bowling in bocce ball and luck also plays a great role in this game. When looking for outside activities for seniors, bocce ball will prove the best of all. Among senior citizens, this game has gained a great popularity.

Get Proper Instructions To Play Bocce Ball As In Picnic Games

Bocce Ball – A Picnic Game For Seniors

To play this game, you should find a proper leveled and flat surface where dirt should be packed well with ideal grass around. The bocce court regulation should be long for 76 feet and wide for 10 feet. This game is played in teams, so divide all the members in two teams and in each teams, the members can be two, four or even one. Each team is given four balls which are equally divided into all team members. A member from starting teams should stand behind the life of foul and that member should throw the pallina towards the end of opposite surface.

Proceed With Fun

This is seriously an interesting game that should be proceeding with great fun. So, after starting with first team player, the game goes further. After that player throws larger balls which are called as boccia and these balls should be thrown closer to smaller ball which is called Pallina. But it should not touch pallina. So, one should play this game very carefully. Let opposite team players take their turns to throw their balls till any of your balls stop near the pallina. In this attempt, if opposite team gets failed, it credits into the starting team.

Tips To Be Followed To Play Bocce Ball For Seniors

Some helpful tips are mandatory to be followed if you do not want your seniors to get injured or for their betterment. This is one of the most enjoyable games which requires care and proper knowledge of instructions. It improves the stamina of the body and also freshens up the mind of seniors. But, all such mottos can be achieved if you play it by following tips. In this game, players can use balls to strike the ball of other team to get it away from pallina. Or can be used to strike their ball to get their ball closer to Pallina. This way, your chances to win this game will get brighter.