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Picnic Games For Seniors

Picnic Is One Of The Entertaining Activities For Seniors

Want to help your senior citizens by providing ideas for great activities for seniors? If so, then picnic will surely prove a challenging alternative for them. Picnic which is an outdoor fun activity is loved by people of all ages. Whether you are a kid or an adult or a senior citizen, picnic makes a person feels refreshing. Going to a picnic makes one free from all worldly worries and tensions. By this way, seniors can get some time to spend with people of their group. Thus, in all sides, picnic is one of the ideal activities for seniors.

How To Arrange Picnic For Seniors

A picnic can be arranged anywhere outdoor. When you are planning a picnic program for seniors, and then try to invite all senior people in that gathering. Make a list of seniors whom your seniors interested to invite and then inform them by calling or visiting on a particular place. For venue, you can choose any public park, activity club etc. Do include your seniors and get their suggestions while planning picnic for them. You can also arrange a family picnic to make your seniors feel good if they like to. Otherwise, plan for gathering on friends of your senior. Thus, they can have some good time talking, gaming and eating together.

What Type Of Games Seniors Can Play On Picnic

Seniors Enjoying Picnic Games

This is one of the most significant question that rises in the mind of a picnic organizer. So, you must be interested to know various games to make that time fun and interesting. The games that you offer seniors on picnic should be compatible to seniors and their age. All the rules and regulations of the games should be perfectly cleared to them. The games should be planned in such a way that it should not make them feel tired. It should be appropriate to their mental and physical health.

Tossing Games For Seniors To Play On A Picnic

When planning games for picnic as activities for seniors, tossing games can be given a try. These games utilize the skills of tossing. These are very famous among mobile seniors. Seniors who cannot move from one place to another and uses wheelchairs can get great fun in playing tossing games. To play this game, you should set a horseshoe up in such an area that is easily accessible from outdoor. It is very simple game which is related to beanbags and a cut hole. So, it will be a great fun for seniors if they play it on picnic.

Bowling – An Energetic & Fun Game

Many people love bowling and they play bowling throughout adulthood. But in old age, mostly they give up bowling because of heavy weight of bowling balls. So, arrange this game for seniors on a picnic and for providing ease in picking up balls, you can use lightweight plastic balls for bowling. For this, you should use a plain and well paved area. Set up this game in a patio by stretching grass perfectly. In this game, you can set pins up and can score in traditional way. This game can be enjoyed by seniors who have mobility issues as well.