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Activity Ideas for Low Vision Seniors

As people grow older, there will be changes in their physical body, such as their senses. Almost all seniors, if not all seniors, have difficulties or problems with their vision. That is why, it is very important to consider various competencies of all seniors when choosing or planning activities for seniors. Choosing activities for low vision seniors can be very challenging and requires a lot of effort and careful planning for it to be beneficial to the seniors who are going to engage on those activities.

Choosing Activities for Low Vision Seniors

Low Vision Seniors Have Special Needs

As much as possible, activities that are planned for low vision seniors should not involve and rely too much on their sense of sight. If you choose activities that involve the sense of sight to much, seniors with low visions may feel incompetent, which can increase the risk of them to improve depression from low self-esteem. Make sure that the activities you are going to choose and plan for low vision seniors are easily adaptable and promote independence in seniors who are going to engage on those activities.

Audio Activities for Low Vision Seniors

Low vision seniors can enjoy activities that involve their sense of hearing. Doing audio activities never require the sense of sight most of the time and it usually involves listening to various music. In audio activities, you can instruct seniors to reminisce or remember happy memories while listening to their favorite song. And after the song is done playing, you can then ask them about what are the things they have remembered while listening to the music. Audio activities will not just let seniors enjoy, it can also help in stimulating their minds through recalling happy memories from their past. This type of activity can be done individually, or it can also be done together with a group of low vision seniors or seniors in general.

Arts and Crafts Activities for Low Vision Seniors

Even though arts and crafts require the sense of sight, it can still be beneficial and it can be done by low vision seniors. Just as long as the activities you are going to let seniors with low vision do are not very detailed and do not involve sharp and dangerous objects. Arts and crafts ideas for low vision seniors can be pottery, knitting, crocheting, painting, and even scrapbook making. Low vision seniors may find sewing and cross-stitching difficult to do.