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Therapeutic Activities for Seniors

It is inevitable for seniors to slowly experience a decrease in mobility and other physical ability. However, even though it is inevitable for seniors to slowly develop physical limitations, it does not mean that they have to become less active and always stay inside the house. It is very important for seniors to stay physically active, as well as mentally active. Finding the right activity for seniors can really help in maintaining their senior years enjoyable, since staying active is one of the most important key to living an enjoyable life.

Therapeutic Activity for Seniors: Gardening

Therapeutic Activities for Seniors

Growing and taking good care of various kinds of plants can be relaxing to seniors and at the same time enjoyable. Seniors who regularly do gardening can also be exercised physically, as seniors will be needed to use some physical efforts, such as picking up the plant, watering the plant, and many more. As plants blossom, it can also give seniors a feeling of happiness, since they were the ones who made it possible for plants to grow healthily, thus it then blossoms and bear fruits.

Therapeutic Activity for Seniors: Water Aerobics

Seniors who follow regular physical exercises were proven to be healthier and happier when compared to seniors who do not follow any physical exercises whatsoever. However, one of the most common reasons why seniors do not engage in various physical activities is due to the development of physical limitations that is normally part of the aging process. Water aerobics can be a great physical exercise for seniors as it does not put too much pressure on the senior’s joints since exercises are performed in the water. Water aerobics can significantly reduce pressure on the joints , which can make it comfortable and easy for seniors.

Therapeutics Activity for Seniors: Writing Activities

Anyone from various age groups will really find writing activities therapeutic. Seniors can choose how they want to write, they can do it on computers or they can also write on paper. There are various different ways on how and what to write as activity for seniors. Seniors can write and keep a diary where they are going to write what happened during the day, or they can also write a journal about how they feel and what they still want to achieve in life. Writing can be a great way for senior to release their feelings that other people do not know of.