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Dance Activities for Seniors

Using music when doing various activities for seniors can really help in keeping seniors physically active and mentally active as well. Dancing to the beats and tunes of their favorite music will not only want seniors not to stop dancing, but it can also help in stimulating their minds or brains to work and it can also help them in maintain social interaction with other seniors or even other people from younger age groups. Dancing will definitely entertain seniors, which can make dancing as an easy fitness routine for seniors. Dancing is not only fun but also a healthy activity for not just seniors, but to all people from various age groups.

Dances for Seniors

Dance Activities for Seniors

There are really a lot of different types of dances, however, not all types of dances can be performed and done by seniors since seniors already have physical limitation due to the normal aging process. Dances famous to seniors that are low-impact are ballroom dancing, square dancing, and tap dancing. These 3 dances mentioned are not only fun and beneficial to seniors, it can also allow seniors to socially interact with other seniors without causing too much pressure on their joints and their overall physical strength.

  • Ballroom Dancing – ballroom dancing is a type of dance that can’t be done without a partner. This type of dance can be sentimental to seniors as it can most probably bring back many memories from the past. There are very many different kinds of ballroom dancing. The mambo, cha cha, waltz, rumba, swing, and foxtrot are only some of the most popular kinds of ballroom dancing enjoyed not only by seniors but by everyone worldwide.
  • Tap Dancing – tap dancing is a type of dance that utilizes the sound of one’s tap shoes as it strike or hit the floor. Tap shoes are utilized as a percussive instrument. There are 2 different kinds of tap dancing, the Rhythm or Jazz Tap and Broadway Tap. In the Broadway tap, it focuses more on the dance part, while the Rhythm/ Jazz tap focuses more on the musicality. Tap dancing as a dance activity for seniors can help them improve their coordination and balance.
  • Square Dancing – square dancing is a type of dance that will be performed in groups. There are even square dance clubs for seniors in different states where square dance conventions are organized for them to have a chance to meet and dance with other seniors who belong to other square dance clubs.