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Dance Activities for Seniors

Posted in Indoor Activities for Seniors

Using music when doing various activities for seniors can really help in keeping seniors physically active and mentally active as well....

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Therapeutic Activities for Seniors

Posted in Memory Improvement for Seniors, Other, Uncategorized

It is inevitable for seniors to slowly experience a decrease in mobility and other physical ability. However, even though it is inevitable...

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Improve Your Long Term Memory

Posted in Memory Improvement for Seniors

Having the ability to retain information and retrieve or recall retained information is referred to as memory. The brain plays a very big...

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Walking Poles for Hiking Seniors

Posted in Hiking Seniors

Hiking activities for seniors is one way to help keep seniors physically active, fit, and engaging in various adventures. Advancement in...

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Safety Tips before Starting Strength Exercises for Seniors

Posted in Other

Seniors are more prone to injury and accidents compared to people who are younger. That is why, it is very important to always ensure...

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Reading Indoor Activity for Seniors

Posted in ARTICLES per ACTIVITY, Indoor Activities for Seniors

As much as possible, it is very important for seniors to stay active for the longest possible time. Keeping both the body and the mind...

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