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Sudoku Puzzle Game For The Elderly | A Tricky Game For Excellent Mental Workout

I was just browsing some games for my grandparents and I came to know about an interesting game for the elderly that is Sudoku puzzle. It is a simple and easy game that is loved by all. It does not require any deep mathematical or arithmetic skills. It is a game of placing numbers in the form of square and elderly who have worked in a financial institution can be very proficient in this game. It just makes use of quick calculation of logic and deduction and has very few but interesting rules that you can make note of in the coming paragraphs.

Main Objective Of Sudoku

This puzzle game was originated by a Japanese company and has now become a favorite international puzzle game. The main objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in the board. This game for the elderly really focuses on how you can evaluate the numbers and how proficient you are in addition and multiplications. Traditionally, Sudoku puzzle is made up of 9*9 puzzle grid which are divide in to 9 3*3 regions. It means that each region contains the exact number of region, row and column that is nine cells each.

Initial Strategy To Start The Sudoku Puzzle

The initial thing to do in this puzzle game for the elderly is to use your scanning power. The better you learn to tackle a Sudoku puzzle the better you will be able to solve it. Analyze the puzzle and see where you can put a certain number. The main aim is to now fill the squares using numbers from 1 to 9. It’s all about the logic. Instead of the numbers you can also use the first nine letters of the alphabet or a set of nine symbols and the game will be the same.

You Can Have Different Levels From Easy To Very Hard

A Sudoku puzzle can be very difficult too but as you have chosen it to be played as a game for the elderly; it shouldn’t be that hard as fun should always be there. Though to give a tough fight between your retired buddies you can always increase its level from easy to hard. The best practice to gain confidence playing this puzzle game is you can practice it online or start with some easy logic. A simple and easy puzzle in fact gives you more strategic positions to find out the answer using a fairly one simple logic.

The More You Guess, The More You Enjoy Solving

Sudoku puzzle game for the elderly sure will bring lot of excitement. You can also manipulate and make one of your own through logical thinking. You can call your buddies over your place and arrange a small party and make it more interesting by applying time limits, it will be an interesting activity for the elderly buddies. There is only one universal concept in solving puzzle that practice makes a man perfect. The more you guess, the easier will be the puzzle is. Sudoku is meant to be enjoyed, so make the best of it and enjoy.