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It’s Time For Some Battle Board Game For The Elderly

Games for the elderly are an interesting way to enjoy time with your friends and family. Many games give you the team spirit and many of them provides a comfortable fun time. After the retired life, usually people find themselves very boring as they don’t know what activities to do. But there is always scope for a better time even after retirement. You can group your friends and organize a picnic and even go to theater together or play multi-player online games. These stuffs will surly entertain you and you can have a good time to remember with your near and dear ones.

Strategy Elements Play A Dynamic Role In Choosing A Board Game For The Elderly

Board game for the elderly can be very interesting to play as they are full of strategy and always give a good exercise to your brain. When you talk about strategic board games, you should always try the game named Go. This game was originated in China and it’s one of the most ancient board games. The game starts with an empty board and it is played with pieces of two different colors black and white. Player can choose his color of pieces. It can be played on two different sizes of the board depending on how difficult level you want and the size of the board you choose are 13*13 or 9*9.

Object Of The Game

The main object of this game for the elderly is to use the pieces to form territories. It is played by two players and though the game looks very easy but it makes use of the best strategy to win the game. The players take turns and fill the empty spaces in the board. Black always plays first. The pieces here are not placed in the form of squares but are placed on the intersection of lines which helps in the formation of the territories. Once the player affixes his piece in the board, it cannot be moved again so be very cautious while placing the piece and think twice before making your move.

How To Play?

Capturing of the pieces is the main fun part of this game for the elderly. You can always capture the other player’s pieces while making the territory and the captures piece is kept on side and is called a prisoner. This game is more similar to like playing a battle game in board. Territories so formed must be protected from the other player. The main fun part is how you manage to capture the other player’s territory and expand your area of capture in the board.

Use The Best Scoring Method To Announce Winner

Go has different varieties of territory formation and you would love to explore its different strategic movement once you play it. Players have two options to decide as who has won the game. They can either use the territory scoring or area scoring. There will be moment when you have no place to make your turn so you can always pass your turn and wait for the next one to make your move. You can enjoy this and many other fun activities for the elderly and have quality time with your family and friends.

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