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Photography | Crafts for Seniors

Seniors are not different from anyone of us. They still need to do certain activities that can help in stimulating their minds to keep brain function and prevent brain deterioration. What makes seniors difference is that they were born earlier than us, and they now have physical incapabilities due to the normal process of ageing. Since most seniors are already experiencing physical incapabilities, then it is also very important to choose certain activities that will not require too much physical strengths and effort by the senior. One perfect type of activity for seniors to engage in is arts and crafts.


Senior Women Taking Self Picutere

Usually, almost all people who tried taking pictures will surely be interested in photography. Taking pictures of important happenings or events can provide a lifetime memory to a person. Or wherever a person goes, it is important to always bring a camera with him or her, which can be ready whenever there is a situation or event that is perfect to be taken with a snapshot of the camera.

Photography for Seniors:

Since most seniors that are not exposed to photography are not that updated and knowledgeable on how to handle and use modern cameras, such as DSLRs and digital cameras, then it would be beneficial for them to start using digital cameras that does not have too much complexity and buttons that can confuse seniors. Choosing digital cameras that have wider screens for easy picture viewing are also important for seniors, since seniors have usually poorer eyesight than younger people. However, for those seniors who are exposed to photography for quite some time already, then it is not a problem if they will be using complicated and top of the line DSLRs, since they are already familiar on how those cameras work and how to use those cameras.

Benefits of Photography to Seniors:

After taking photos of their favorite subject, such as sceneries, foods, people, parties, etc., then they can have the pictures printed and make them into a collage or place them and make a scrapbook. If they do not want making collages or scrapbooks, then they can just place and organize all pictures into one photo album and show it to friends and family members. Photography will not just help in keeping a senior occupied, it can also provide seniors with opportunities in venturing to new places with new people who also love photography, which can have good effects to the overall health and quality of life of seniors.

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