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Painting | Crafts for Seniors

Seniors who do not engage in any activities are at higher risk of developing depression and they will probably have a poor quality of life. As much as possible, it is better for a person, no matter what his or her age is already, to keep and stay active. Staying active for seniors does not mean that they have to engage in physical activities, which they can’t tolerate already. Doing brain exercises, playing brain games, or even doing arts and crafts, are some ways on how to let a senior stay active even when they already experience some physical limitations. Arts and crafts for seniors will not just help in keeping the brain stimulated, but it can also be a type of exercise for their hands, since the hands and the brain will always have to work together in making a masterpiece.

Painting for Seniors:

Senior Woman Painting

Seniors who find painting as a great way in spending their leisure time or as their hobby can really see the difference on how it changed their quality of life. Painting is not just painting pictures, it is a great way in keeping seniors’ minds and hands’ busy, which means painting is a great way in stimulating the mind that can help in preventing the development of age-related diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Painting can also be great outlet for emotions and feelings of seniors.

Painting is Easy to Learn:

For people who were born with a talent of painting, finds painting to be a very easy thing to do. And for those who were not given the talent of painting thinks that it is very hard to paint. However, painting is not limited to those who are artistic. Seniors who would like to try painting can just paint anything they want. Even if how simple there painting may look like, it is still an art. Every painting is unique and beautiful. There are even painting classes for seniors that will teach them the basics for painting, which includes:

  • How to Begin Painting
  • How to Mix Colors
  • What are the Different Brush Strokes and Techniques
  • What Medium to Use

Painting Can be a Great Way for Socialization:

Painting can be done in groups, which is known as Group Paintings. During group paintings, they can paint one subject together, may it be a landscape, fruits, etc. Group paintings will not just allow seniors to be with a lot of people, it can also promote socialization, which can strengthen social relationships with others. Please also see other crafts for seniors or browse the entire activities for seniors website for fun, ideas and interesting articles.