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Making Collages As Activity For Seniors

Involve Seniors In Collages Making Activities

Collages creations can be a great activities for seniors. It is an activity related to a person’s inner desires and explores one’s creativity as well. It is such a cost effective and brilliant process because to make collages, seniors do not need to shop around, but most of the material to make collages can be found inside house. Old magazines, fabric, paper, photographs etc are those instruments which help making collages and all these objects are easily available in houses. Therefore, if seniors want to do some creative kind of activity, then suggest them collages as it will surely benefit them a lot.

Activities For Seniors – Collage Scrapbook

The collages can be made on varied subjects wherein scrapbook collage is such a wonderful idea for seniors. By this way, senior people can create a book of memory with the new or old photos of their friends, family, colleagues, or themselves. For this memory book, they can use any scrapbook and fix photos there. To make base of collage, scrapbook paper can be used. To make a grand collection, seniors can cut out photos, inspirational quotes and words’ clipping from magazines and also can get border from varied sources. Each page should be independent and should represent their lifetimes.

Seasonal Collage Can Also Be Fun As Part Of Activities For Seniors

Making Collages

Seasonal collage is an innovative idea in which seniors can create collage by using fabric scraps. To use fabric, any old cloth can be used. If you don’t want to make collage with old clothes, then it can be purchased from market in art and craft stores. For different seasons, there are different fabrics and colors like red, green, purple, tan, yellow, orange, brown are fabrics for autumn seasonal collage. To make a collage of a tree, seniors should use a dark colored fabric in rectangular shape. This fabric will be served as base of the collage. To make an impressive tree, seniors can outline the design of the tree and then using different colored fabric, they can make collage.

Magazine Collage

If you are searching any easy or economical collage activities for seniors, then magazine collage is the best activity for them. Doing this activity, seniors can spend their days working and this is such a productive way of living by which seniors invent at the end of the day. For such collage, seniors only require magazines that are easily available in houses. Get pictures from those magazines of landscapes, food, human, clothes or animal etc. Cut these pictures in correct shape with a scissor and paste them on your collage base. This base can be made of wood panel, poster board or any other hard support.

You Can Also Create Card Collage As Fun Activities For Seniors To Show Love For Your Friends And Family Members

By making card collage, seniors can show their love for their family, relatives or friends. This kind of activities for seniors is such a brilliant that offers seniors a work to do indoor and saves lots of money that seniors spend at their generic holidays. To make these cards, seniors can use any blank while colored card. Fold this card in the half horizontally as well as vertically. To make a memorable card collage, they can paste pictures of their loved ones and for decoration purpose, use cut outs from magazines, glitters, markers, colored pencils etc.