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Music Activities for Seniors

For most people, if not all people, find music to be a great way to relax, be inspired, and improve their mood. In seniors, in particular, music can bring about a lot of health benefits, particularly from the soothing and upbeats of music. Letting seniors participate in various activities that have something to do with music can really be beneficial. Music activities for seniors may include listening to music, playing musical instruments, watching musical shows, or even trying to make their own musical instruments.

Music Activities for Seniors: Sing-Along

Music Activities for Seniors

Sing-along as music activity for seniors can be done solitarily or it can be done in groups, may it be a small group or a very big group. There are several different ways on how a sing-along activity can be done. You can either purchase a sing-along dvd or you can type down the lyrics and show it on a big screen while a live music band or a musician is playing the music. Just make sure that the songs you are going to use during the sing-along activity are songs which seniors can relate to. You can even ask seniors ahead of time about a list of songs they like, so that they will be able to enjoy the activity very much, especially when several seniors will sing all at the same time.

Music Activities for Seniors: Karaoke Night

Karaoke is quite similar with sing-along. However, karaoke is more individualized and will need the singer to sing using a microphone so that everyone can hear. A karaoke machine will be needed for this activity. There are some karaoke machines who support more than 1 microphone that allows 2 singers to sing a duet together. Telling seniors who are going to attend the karaoke night to dress up may be beneficial especially when they want to shine even just for a few minutes.

Music Activities for Seniors: Drumming Circle

When people hear the word “drumming”, the first thing that will come into their minds is young adults. Believe it or not, drumming activities can also be enjoyed by seniors and drumming can also be beneficial to seniors. For seniors to enjoy this music activity, they can gather in a circle and let each seniors choose what kind of drum would they want to play. Aside from drums, during the drumming activity, maracas, egg shakers, and tambourines can also make the music produced better and soothing to the ears.