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Indoor Gardening for Seniors

Indoor gardening is a very pleasant activity for seniors. Not only it brings lovely colours and life into the home, but it also enriches the soul and brings you smiles every single day when you look at your wonderful indoor garden the moment you wake up in the morning.

Traditional Indoor Gardening for Seniors

The more traditional way of indoor gardening for the elderly is to get some seeds or bulbs, then plant them in pots and help cultivate the little plants to grow from a tiny seed to a gorgeous tiny garden. Thereafter you have a number of options:

Indoor Gardening for Seniors

  • Keep your indoor garden for yourself and your guests
  • Give as presents to family and friends and start a new one
  • Modify, experiment, try different arrangements, and enlarge

Whatever seniors choose they will have their hands full with a very pleasant activity.

An Indoor Air Garden for Seniors

Developments in technology have created possibilities for people to grow plants (including vegetable gardens, etc) completely suspended in the air without the use of any Earth whatsoever, where the plants receive their nutrition through a fluid. Searching for such indoor gardening information will yield many websites and this can be a very interesting indoor gardening experience for the elderly. Possibilities are only limited by imagination – so many wonderful designs can be made once the plants are not restricted to the “ground”.

So if you choose a more traditional or a more technological approach the truth remains that indoor gardening is a great choice among indoor activities for seniors.

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  1. I was very interested concerning your description of indoor gardening in the air. I did some more google searching and truly you can grow plants without Earth. This is amazing. I might even try it for the experience sake.
    Thanks for your article!