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Arts and Crafts for Seniors

As we all know, growing old is a natural part in the cycle of life. During this time, it is important to be able to have things to do that need little effort and hassle. Aside from mental function and enhancement, it is important to take into consideration the emotional status an overall well being of a person. Because of this, I will be providing you some indoor recreational activities, specifically arts and crafts, that may be done by seniors in their homes, both which serve the same purpose are easy to do at home with minimal cost and maintenance:


Senior Woman Painting

Painting may be a form of “venting” or expressing one’s emotions. There are different meanings to different paintings, may it be an expression of anger, sadness, happiness, contentment       , or any other emotion. Aside from shapes and strokes, colours may be used to symbolize feelings of a person. This activity may be done with different people therefore creating time for social interaction for them to be able to bond with different elderly adults, create thoughts, and express them through the resulting image made by the person. This activity can promote and encourage the development of one’s creativity especially in the latter years of life.

Scrapbook Making

Unlike painting, this activity dwells on the reminiscing of memories and significant events in one’s life rather than dealing with different feelings and emotions. This can be done especially with a group of friends or a family who can gather all images of past events that may have had significance in their lives. Scrapbooking does not only promote interaction with family and friends, enhance talent in creativity, and reminisce old memories that have had significance in their lives, but it can also help in stimulating and promoting brain function, which is of great importance especially to elderly adults to delay deterioration of the brain function and mentality.


Knitting may not be limited to be done by senior women. It can also be done be senior men who wants to try creating or making their own masterpiece. Knitting can be a great way to kill boredom and interact with others, since they can talk with each other during their knitting session. One great thing about knitting is, if a senior is planning to give a gift to others, he or she can knit a personalized sweatshirt, beanie, scarf, small purse, and many more.

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