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How to Make a Picnic Basket? Craft for Seniors

Summer time is a time when people love to go for picnic with their family and friends and they look for the best ways on how to make a picnic basket? Of course when going for picnic, you have to make sure that everything is useful and properly adjusted and for that you need a proper basket that can carry your all useful goods. This is also one of the best craft for seniors to make a picnic basket and gift it to their loved ones on some occasion or can carry their own things while going for some outdoor activity.

How to Make a Picnic Basket?

When making a picnic basket, make sure what to pack in a picnic basket afterwards. This could help you to make a basket of desired shape, size and choice. So here are the steps that you have to follow

Step 1: To look for the amount of fabric instructed to make the actual five panels for the lining, measure the actual four sides and the base of the basket and also add 5cm each horizontally and vertical length for any seam allowances. Lay fabric over a flat surface and cut out the bottom panel and also four facet panels.

How to Make a Picnic Basket

Step 2: Pin the left and right side cells to open side of the front panel, right facets together; sew set up. Pin the left along with right area panels towards back panel, right facets together; sew set up. Press all four seams wide open and toned. Press a 2.5cm hem with a single edge of four joined side panels. Turn the raw edge under to fulfill the crease (forming a rolled hem) along with conceal the raw edge. Pin, press along with sew set up, close towards second already folded edge.

Step 3: Pin the extended sides on the base panel towards bottom, unhemmed edges on the front as well as back sections, right sides together. Pin the left as well as right side on the base panel towards bottom edge on the side sections, right sides together. Sew starting panel in position, easing about each spot. Press seam up so it lies level against side panels.

Step 4: To make the corner ties, retract the 60cm remove lengthways, correct sides with each other, then pin and press. Cut remove into several 15cm lengths. Sew some sort of 0. 5cm seam across the long and another short side of each one strip. Turn each remove right side out, employing a safety flag or trap turner when necessary. Tuck uncooked edge in the strip by 0. 5cm and also hand stitch closed.

Step 5: Position a new tie down the outer major edge with the lining bag, with this center of the tie aligned while using bag’s aspect seam. Repeat while using other three ties. Place this bag into the basket. Thread these ties out through the wicker and also knot. Thread this tails back through the wicker and also tuck them between the lining bag and also the basket for you to conceal this ends.

These are best and easy ways of how to make a picnic basket! So follow these and make a basket of your choice.