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Some Easy Food Preparations For An Elderly Picnic

Activities For The Elderly – Fun And Food

Continuing with the outdoor activities for the elderly, today I am going to share some good ideas on picnic fun . Let’s look at the things that we already have discussed. We have discussed picnic arrangements, groups that organize picnic especially for senior citizens, games that can be enjoyed as activities for the elderly for a senior citizen’s picnic, checklist preparation for the elderly and by the elder, again including fun element in it. Although, quite a lot has been done but something is still missing and that is nothing but the picnic menu.  While you play or dance or do anything at your picnic, at every place you need something ready to server to your buddies.

Take Care Of The Food Preferences And Food Restrictions

So, what food items you are packing with you to add the rich taste in your finest moments.  Picnic activities for the elderly can be arranged vigorously for a large group but make sure that you are taking with you enough food, and especially the food that are fit for their health. For an elderly picnic, it would be good to ask all the attendees, prior heading off to the destination about their food preferences as few of you might have some food restrictions. May be five of you are diabetic patient or going through some other medical condition that has restricted you with some food items.  So, picnic activities for the elderly must be well planned.  You cannot just pick anything that is proffered for outdoor locations.

Fun Activities For The Elderly – Cooking Some Food At Picnic

Elderly Busy At Picnic Activities For The Elderly

At Picnic

Other than prescribed food you need also to be careful for the food that spoil in hours or so, food that need to be piping hot or meant to be cold as you cannot guarantee, either.  You should also avoid cooking but you may try with a few items that don’t require intensive cooking methods.  The best food items that you may include at picnic, the most alluring outdoor activities for the elderly are:

Pasta And Bean Salad – there are few salad preparations that make great picnic food for the elderly. Add olive oil, vinegar, fresh vegetables and herbs and toss it well with pasta base.  There are endless possibilities with this preparation. Try it with black and kidney beans, cilantro and salt, corn and tomatoes and enjoy a healthy food outdoor.

Cheese And Crackers Or Chips And Dip – it is a food item that is perfect for the elderly picnic. You can enjoy it while playing picnic games and activities for the elderly that you have planned already.

Vegetable Crudities:  These are fairly easy to make. If you don’t want to invest time in preparation you can buy pre-made platters and enjoy them with different dipping options.

A Food List Ready For The Picnic Activities For The Elderly

Well the list does not end here; you may select a few food items as per the individual choices of picnickers. Fruit salads, sandwiches, snakes that you can enjoy on your go can also have their place in your food item list. If you are going to cook some food at the picnic location, don’t forget including a little creativity in each food item. Whatever you cook, make sure that it has not spoiled the taste as you will be there with limited resources and it would be difficult to arrange some food at eleventh hour.  So these are a few good suggestions on food items for picnic activities for the elderly, hope you would like.

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