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Checklist Preparation To Ensure Maximum Fun For Bird Watching

Bird Watching Improvises Hearing And Visual Power Of The Elderly

Being close to nature is one of the most favorite activities for the elderly. Bird watching for the elderly can be combined with nature hike, picnic or a social event. Seniors have a love for nature and bird watching can be an interesting way to revitalize elderly mind, body and soul. It is a good hobby to adapt to and helps the elderly to keep in tune with nature. It also tests the patience power that elderly has acquired over by working over a long period of time for their livelihood. Activities for the elderly such as bird watching also improvise elderly’s hearing and visual power.

Activities For The Elderly – Check Your Patience Power With Bird Watching

Before you start with your bird watching, it would be good that you prepare a checklist of few items before you go. Bird watching is one of the activities for the elderly that requires dedication and perseverance and it becomes very important that you do not miss spotting the different species of birds that you see as you scroll through your backyard or any other place. In the next paragraph, I will provide you with set of devices and instructions that you can use while going for a bird watching tour.

General Items Of Importance For Bird Watching To Make It One Of The Interesting Activities For The Elderly

Binoculors A Necessity For A Perfect Bird Watching Experience

There are some general items that you would require for bird watching to make it interesting and fun loving activities for the elderly.

  • Binoculars – These are a must have accessory for the bird watching to spot birds sitting in their nests on a high tree. Few of the best binocular lenses that you can buy from the market are Carl Zeiss, Bausch and Lomb and Kodak. There are also some low cost binoculars that you can get from the market like Nikon Action and Bushnell NatureView.
  • Notebook – Always carry a notebook on which you can make a record of different features of birds that you came to see. You can also keep a track of your bird watching tours and trips.
  • Tape recorder – Birds communicate each other with their distinguishable sound they make. There are many birds who love to hide from people’s view. To attract them, you can record bird sounds in the tape recorder and play it to attract them.
  • Bird watching guides – To get details on the various locations of the bird spots, bird watching guide is a necessity. National geographic field guide to bird watching are available on internet and books. You can buy or download the latest version.
  • High shutter speed camera- Photography of the birds is also one of the most interesting activities of the elderly. While bird watching, you can capture different pictures of the bird with a high speed shutter camera. You can carry a 400mm, 500mm or 600mm lens for perfect flick of the birds.
  • Clothing – If you love to go on a bird watching in summers, make sure that you have tropical clothing. Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers to escape from get bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. Wear a hat and light shade clothes for protection against the sun.
  • Drinking water and umbrella – Make sure that you carry enough drinking water and carry an umbrella to escape the direct sun rays.

These are some of the most common and useful materials that you should keep with yourself while going for one of the most splendid activities for the elderly, bird watching.

Activities For The Elderly Can Be Started Right In Your Backyard

Bird watching fosters many advantages that you can enjoy. You can make a group of your best friends and organize bird watching as an interesting event or as a picnic. Birds have always been very appealing to look and sounds made by them are also very pleasing to the ears. Bird watching is a multidimensional activity for the elderly. You can start with many nature activities for the elderly especially bird watching right in your backyard.