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Fashion for Older Women – Present Your Best Possible Image to the World

How do you look at fashion and styling over 60? There are common believes prevailing in society for long about being fashionable after 60 means. It is believed that women try new fashion trends at their golden age focusing on how they feel rather than how they look. Let’s discuss more such stereotypes about aging and try to address the fashion challenges and opportunities that elderly women face head on. I will try to explain in this article why we need a different approach.

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Myth: Being fashionable after 60 means spending a lot on designer clothing

Fashion for Older Women


When you type in the Google search box “fashion for older women” and enter you get a Pinterest board on top of the search results. The board is created by a thoughtful young woman for her grandmother to inspire or motivate her for new fashion trends. Her effort is highly appreciable but you need not have all the designer clothes in your wardrobe to be fashionable at your 60.

Fashion experts say that—it doesn’t have to be expensive all the time and you just don’t have to dress-up like a model. Fashion at 60s is looking your best by applying the rules of technical dressing, which simply means wearing clothes that perfectly match with your personality.

Myth: Trying fashion after 60 means – Trying to look younger

“Fashion tips to look younger”, the article title is a favorite of both the writers as well as the readers. The one I read yesterday on the same topic had enough details about the fashion mistakes that older women make that restrict them to look younger. Overall it was good but I really don’t understand why being fashionable is always attached to look younger.

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be an effort towards looking younger. You can gracefully admire your age and your looks. Rather than trying things to look younger we need an approach that let us accentuate ourselves to express our personalities. Choose the right accessories, cuts and colors for your body type.

Fashion for Older Women

Myth: Fashion after 60 is all about how you feel about yourself.

It’s seen quite often that most women when reach to their 60s, maybe due to lack of good style sense, stop thinking entirely about how they look altogether and focus more on how they feel. They often think that they have reached an age where they don’t need to impress anyone and they can wear whatever they want.

It’s good to do what you feel like doing, following your desires and be the true you. But I disagree with the notion that the older women shouldn’t or needn’t care what they look like. Whether you are at you 30s, 50s, or 70s as a women you should always be careful for your styling and there is nothing wrong having a desire to look you best. Stylize yourself—take help of magazines or a web to learn a few timeless style principles.

No matter you are at your 60s or 70s, you should proud your bodies and should celebrate your personal sense of style.