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Activities for Handicapped Seniors

Handicapped seniors have higher risks for depression, since they are most likely to feel lonely and isolated due to their physical limitations. Handicapped seniors who are living in nursing homes should engage in various activities to keep them entertained and functioning, even with their physical limitations. Getting handicapped seniors engaging in various activities that they can easily do despite their incapabilities, can help in keeping their minds active through mental stimulation, and it can make them feel less lonely, for they can see other faces and interact with other seniors with similar physical condition and limitations.

Music Activities for Handicapped Seniors

Handicapped Seniors Activity Ideas

Letting handicapped seniors engage in music activities will not require them to use and exert physical strength. Another benefit of music activities for handicapped seniors is that their brain function is stimulated, since they have to listen to the music being played and reflect or recall happy memories. Music activities for handicapped seniors can include, sing-a-longs, listening to music and recalling happy memories then sharing it with the entire group, and many more. There are a lot of possible activities that can be done with music. All you have to do is be creative and always think about senior’s physical abilities when planning for activities for handicapped seniors.

Day Trips for Handicapped Seniors

Planning on a short day trips with seniors can be very fun and beneficial. It will not only provide new environment for handicapped seniors, it can also be an opportunity for them to learn and see new things and meet new people. Day trips can be costly. You can do fund raising activities to be able to afford short day trips for handicapped seniors. Day trips can include bringing them to museums, art exhibits, watch a play, to the park, and anywhere. Just make sure that you will always keep all handicapped seniors safe all the time.

Parties for Handicapped Seniors

You can host or organize a party in the nursing home for all seniors to mingle and enjoy. And during the party, you should plan activities or ice breakers that all seniors can participate and enjoy. Organizing parties for handicapped seniors will let them feel that they are loved and they are not forgotten. During the party, they can play games that are within their physical and mental abilities, they can eat food together with all other seniors, they can sing a song, and most importantly, they can interact with other seniors. Interaction with other people is very important especially for the seniors.