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Create Handmade Christmas Cards And Tags

Bring Forward Your Creativity With Handmade Christmas Cards And Tags

On Christmas, people love sharing cards and gift tags with their friends and relatives etc. So, this time we have a unique idea to make your Christmas celebrations more interesting.  This idea will save your money that every year you have been spending on buying Christmas cards and tags and also will get you unexpected happiness when all your friends and visitors will appreciate your talent. It is truly fun project and easy as well. You just need to get colored papers; buttons, sequins, lace etc. and your handmade Christmas cards will be ready to greet your beloved ones’.

Homemade Tree Card For Christmas

A tree card on Christmas gives a classic feel. For making this card, you should get patterned paper in folded strips. Make a Christmas tree of three dimensional from this paper. From half, fold brown cardstock and then, stitch a small sized cream cardstock with brown cardstock for creating a card. Collect five different strips in varied colors of tree paper and punch like a decorative edge on each long side. Using stylus, make uniform folds in the card and layer strips to get the shape of Christmas tree. Decorate this card with glitters and also attach punched stars using liquid adhesive.

Hanging Ornament – Adds Value In Handmade Christmas Card

The idea of using hanging ornament in Christmas cards is truly incredible as it makes the card more valuable and attractive. For this card design, you should get plain card and some supplies of scrapbooking. From half, fold the pink colored cardstock and draw a line in black with rule from top side of card. Get large size circle punch and make a bright colored paper ornament. Using adhesive dot, you can attach the ornament to right corner of card. After that, cut ornament from white colored cardstock and using some glue, you can attach it with card. With some rhinestone stickers, you should embellish black line and that is it. Your card is ready to greet your friends.

Make Gift Tags With Old Cards

Making gift cards on Christmas is also very beneficial and cost effective idea like handmade Christmas cards. If you keep your old cards properly, then this idea is worth for you. Pick the cards of which you love the design and trim those cards in rectangular or square sizes. Leave edges as they are and color the trim. Glue these trimmed designs to tag. This will come into a surprising Christmas gift tags. You can also use old cards to create small jewelry boxes etc.

Edible Handmade Christmas Gift Tag

For this Christmas gift tag craft idea, you should get recipe for gingerbread cookie. Cookie can be made in form of letter, tree, sleigh or man. In this, hard icing can be used to write the names of different people and also whom to give it. Make small sized cookie hole to string through a ribbon. This will help you attaching different packages. Thus, this edible handmade Christmas gift tag will prove to be so functional and useful to you.