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Boggle – A Word Game For The Elderly That Nurtures Brain Health

Elderly people are the responsibility of the society. Scientist and care groups working in the field always seek for an innovative idea that could help slow deterioration of mental functions in them. Now the scientists believe that other than proper diet and exercising, elderly people should also be given a daily does of fun field brain activity. Such activities stimulate their brain power. They must always be full of ammunition of fun. Word games and brain teasers are few of the suggested activities for the elderly that help boost their mental health in building resistance against diseases common with the age.

Elderly Should Focus More On Socializing

Scientist say that solving brain puzzles, reading and participation in intellectual conversations are good as a time pass and may slow the process of aging and memory loss.  An active brain is always considered a better one to resist diseases. Increased blood level improves connectivity among nerve cells which is very much achieved through interesting games and exercises, both mental and physical, for the elderly. According to a study done on the people ages 65 and more, elderly who engage themselves in physical exercises, reading or just chatting with friends are at reduced risk of Alzheimer’s than with those who are less physically and socially active. So, with exercise and intellectual reading elderly must also focus on different ways of socializing.

Boggle – A Word Game To Stimulate Brain

For socializing you may try anything that suits your age. If you have not tried a boggle game ever before you may try it now. Old age is no longer an age where you are forced to sit back and watch the world go by, instead it is the time to try your hand in those things that you have missed in your youth delivering family responsibilities.  You would enjoy it more if you love creating words. A word game like boggle is not just a way to pass time; the game is also a good way to stimulate brain. Boggle consists of a tray of sixteen dice with letters on each side. All the letters are placed in the covered tray then they are shake- up well. The game is to find a complete letter amongst the letters that are up on the try.

Improve Your Concentration Level

Boggle is already a fun but you can make it more interesting with use of a timer in the game. Just think how challenging it would be for all of you to come up with the maximum number of words possible in a given time frame. The game gives enough exercises to the brain and its thinking process. You would mark a significant improvement in your concentration level with a regular practice of a word game like boggle.

Schmoozing For Long Term Cognitive Abilities

For the elderly, healthy diet and regular exercise has a significant role in their life, but at the same time socializing such as joining a simple bridge game, a boggle game or scrabble has its own importance. To engage in schmoozing is good for brain. It not only improves short –term smart but also healthier for long-term cognitive abilities. Games for the elderly such as boggle offer a great opportunity for face time socializing and thus a better health. It is an enjoyable method at your disposal to help fight with deterioration of age.