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Health Benefits Of Line Dancing As Activities For Elderly

Why Should Seniors Engage In Activities?

It is often witnessed that after the age of 50 a person starts living a depressed and dejected life and if we consider the present situation where parents are discarded by their own children after attaining the old age, then there is a need for the seniors to engage themselves in activities. Keeping the present scenario in mind, many activities for seniors are being promoted by various institutions to cater to the need of these senior citizens. Some of the activities are sing-along, animal shelter volunteer day, chair dancing, tai-chi, etc.  One such activity is – line dancing for seniors.

What Is Line Dancing?

Line dancing is actually a choreographed dance with repeated steps and in this form of dancing the dancers is lined up in a row or in the form of a circle holding each other’s hands following the lead dancer. This form of dance, i.e., line dancing is absolutely suitable for seniors as it does not require a person to be highly skilled in any form of dance nor does it requires any sort of freaky dance moves. This form of dance involves slight physical movements to keep your body fit and does not expect you to do a cartwheel, somersault, or a back flip.

Is Line Dancing Suitable For Elderly?

Line dancing for seniors is the best and appropriate way to get rid from all the burden and stress of life. Obviously one can’t expect an elderly to run like usian bolt, or swim like Michael Phelps. Moreover, line dancing is highly beneficial for seniors as it keeps them young from heart. Also it helps them to build a social circle and provides them with the opportunity to

Seniors Line Dancing

make new friends which will lead to happy and cheerful old age. A scientific research says that dance raises the endorphin levels in one’s body which helps to combat stress and depression. Apart from social benefits, line dancing for seniors also has health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Line Dancing

It has been discovered that the line dancers can cover 5 miles of the ground in just one evening. Just ponder how immense would be its health benefits. line dancing for seniors not only helps to maintain their physical health but mental health also at the same time. It decreases the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (by massive rate of 76%). It boosts up their energy levels, increase cholesterol level, helps to manage weight, reduces the risk of heart disease, conditions the body, increases stamina and above all keeps them mentally fit(as seniors will have to do mental exercise to remember the steps).

The Ultimate Choice

There are numerous activities for seniors to choose from but line dancing for seniors is the best option because the risk of diseases like dementia is reduced by 76% in comparison to other activities which reduce the risk of this disease by 35% (reading), or  by 0% (playing golf, swimming, bicycling). Such benefits of line dancing make it an apt choice for the seniors over other activities.