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Bendomino Indoor Activity for Seniors | Games for Seniors

We all love dominoes, because it is such a simple and fun game with which so many people have grown up. They became famous in USA in 1920 and have remained so to this day, but now there is a game which gives a twist to dominoes called Bendomino! Bendomino started in 2007, so it can be considered as the child or the grandchild of dominoes, although there is not really a connection between the “owners”. Still, everyone would recognize their loved dominoes when they take a look at Bendomino and I propose that this can be a great new indoor activity for seniors where the nostalgia of the dominoes connects with a modern flavour which also makes the game more challenging.

Bendomino vs. Domino – What’s New?

Well, it is actually not a huge change in terms of the explanation, but it makes the game more difficult which means more challenging for seniors and which also then results in the brain working a little harder and staying healthy which is very important for the health of the seniors.

Bendomino Indoor Activity for Seniors Games for Seniors

What’s new is that Bendomino offers a 120 degrees bent angle instead of your regular straight dominos and therefore, due to the twisting and twirling of the game as you add more pieces on the table it becomes more challenging not to bump into each other.

How Do Seniors Win Bendomino?

There are 4 possibilities to win the game for seniors:

  • If the opponent does not have a matching bendomino you win
  • If they have a matching bendomino but they can not place it due to the path
  • If the bendomino path twirls into a dead end in such a way that it is not possible to place another piece
  • In the most rare of cases when the two sides or paths of bendomino happen to run into one another

Seniors Can Play Bendomino with Grandchildren

For younger children there are Bendomino available with pictures instead of the numbers and so seniors can take advantage of this and play Bendomino with their grandchildren, which is a great opportunity to have a common indoor activity and spend quality family time while both sides can to a greater or lesser degree enjoy the activity rather than it being only one sided. Furthermore, to remind again that this game for seniors and children alike is really beneficial for brain development and health.

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