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Active Indoor Games for Seniors

Seniors these days are becoming more active than ever by engaging in different activities for seniors, whether they are outdoors or even indoors. Some people think that it is hard or it is a challenge for seniors to find enjoyable indoor activities that can help keep seniors’ mind sharp and their bodies physically fit. In fact, seniors can play indoor games that do not require only their minds to function, but also their physical strength.

Advantages of Seniors Staying Active

A lot of seniors nowadays are already very much aware of how important it is to stay mentally and physically active all throughout their lives. Regardless of seniors’ physical and mental ability, there are a lot of active indoor games that they can play for them to benefit its advantages. For seniors who are living in nursing homes or living in their own homes with their family or living alone, keeping their minds stimulated and always being active physically can contribute to a healthier and happier life with longer life expectancy.

Active Indoor Games for Seniors

Senior Playing Table Tennis

Whether the weather outside is too cold or some seniors’ just don’t like doing activities outdoors, then there is always a lot of active indoor games that seniors can choose from for them to enjoy. Choosing active indoor games for seniors does not have to be those traditional board games or card games, seniors can do whatever activity they want to do, as long as it is within their physical and mental abilities. Seniors these days are already engaging in active indoor activities, such as:

  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards or Pool Tables
  • Tae-Bo

Gaming Consoles as Indoor Games for Seniors

Seniors Playing Nintendo Wii

It is undeniable that all of us are living in an era where technology is a very big part of everyone’s life. It does not mean that seniors can’t enjoy and make use of today’s technology. In fact, most nursing homes for seniors have gaming consoles for seniors’ to enjoy. One of the most common and usually used gaming consoles by seniors is the Nintendo Wii.

Indoor Games for Seniors: Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii game system is a form of enjoyment, physical exercise, and interactive gaming system for seniors. There are a lot of games in Nintendo Wii that require physical strength for its players. Virtual sports are one of the most famous types of Nintendo Wii game that seniors these days love and enjoy playing. Seniors are able to play virtual sport games on Nintendo Wii including golf, baseball, basketball, bowling, and tennis.