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Winter Crafts For Seniors – Yarn Snowman

Seniors Should Try Various Winter Crafts To Explore Their Crafting Skills

Seniors require some kind of activities to get busy or to make the best use of their free time. For this purpose, winter crafts can be ideal activities for seniors because this period offers amazing crafting opportunity to everyone. Following different types of winter crafts ideas, you can make New Year celebrations more interesting. When you will use winter crafts like decorative elements or ornaments around your home, the preparation will look livelier and more attractive. Therefore, if you love involving into crafting, then winter crafts will be fun activity for you. Enjoy making winter crafts along with your loved ones and make your winters memorable.

Winter Season And Crafting

There are countless ideas for winter crafts which can confuse you at some extent. In this situation, you can ask your friend or loved one about the type of crafts they love. Else, you can ask for the way of decoration they want to try this Christmas. Thus, you should encourage all your elderly people in the family to involve in winter crafts and create exclusive decorations for Christmas. The crafts for winter are loved by not only seniors but children as well. This article will help you learning the way of making yarn snowman as winter crafts.

Yarn Snowman

Make Yarn Snowman & Celebrate Winters

Winter is here and making a snowman as a part of winter crafts, you can enhance your enthusiasm for winters. A yarn snowman announces winter season in highly effective way. Keep this winter symbol anywhere indoors and feel the season in such an impressive way. This winter crafted snowman can be hanged up or placed anywhere. Along with other supplies, keep yarn snowman on table. So, making yarn snowman will be an ideal winter craft idea and here you can find instructions and guidelines to make yarn snowman.

Things That You Should Collect For Making Yarn Snowman

Before starting winter crafts, collecting relevant items is highly essential. When you are planning for creating yarn snowman, you should get following things at a place.

  • A Skein yarn of white color
  • Get a ruler
  • Craft glue
  • Doll sized top hat in black color
  • Fabric paint in black and orange color with pointed tip
  • 6 inches long fabric strip
  • Craft glue spray can
  • Iridescent Glitter – 1 jar
  • For clean up – Bounty towel papers

Helpful Instructions For Winter Crafts – Yarn Snowman

For making yarn snowman, start with pulling starter end of yarn and roll out all three yarn balls. Check the size of yarn balls by putting them on ruler and make 1 inch, 2 inches and three inches balls across. After that, press 3 inches ball for flattening it. In 1 inch diameter, put a liquid glue drop over 3 inches yarn ball. After completing this process, repeat the same with 2 inches ball; but here, you have to pour liquid glue only half inches diameter. Now, you should make a line with glue inside hat where you can join snowman’s head.