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Activities For The Elderly To Discover Their Hidden Talents

There is a misconception that art and craft are meant only for kids and young crowd. However, the kind of opinions does not possess any reality; learning arts and crafts are not restricted to an age.  Any one who has a genuine interest and enthusiasm can enjoy leaning various crafts whether they are young kids or a working senior citizen. Old age or time after your retirement is the precious time of your life, you are financially well settled and also you are free from all the important liabilities like educating and nurturing the children and so on. This is the time when you can discover your hidden talents and earn applaud and appreciation for a nice work. At this age you have lots of spare time that you can invest in learning things which you have missed in your youth. There are lots of clubs where you can learn various art and craft activities for the elderly.

Activities For The Elderly Lets You Explore New Dimensions Of Life

Recently, I saw Ruth Flowers also known as MamyRock on the television. She is one of the oldest and most popular DJ from England who inspires not only to the same age group but also to the youngsters.  The lady is from Bristol though she spends most of her time in nice hotels due to her various functions around the globe. She happens to be the busiest DJ enjoying her rocking retirement.  She created Mamy Rock, together with a French producer Aurelian Simon. For the Mamy Rock she adopted a new look and started wearing glamorous sports gear with oversized sunglasses, big blinks and spiky silver hair. Adopting this new look was more of a marketing demand than her own choice. Now she wears what she feels like wearing but with lot of style and attitude.

Be Enthusiastic Towards Your Hobbies

Ruth herself had not thought of being a DJ and making the world rock on her tune if you think about her a few years back. She has been enjoying a routine life of old age with few friends and family and then one day she got invitation from her grandson to attend his birthday party at London nightclub. She went there but the bouncer didn’t allow Ruth to past the red velvet rope. She was little confused but when she went in, the moment completely transformed her perception of life. The electric atmosphere energized her and she decided to enter into this profession.  She learnt the nuts and bolts of the craft and finally started developing sounds on her own.

Put Extra Efforts To Explore Your Hidden Talents

You may also have some hidden talents in you, you might want to learn guitar or want to join a rock band when you were youth. You can try all those things now as you have enough time to give it to your hobbies. But to achieve that you will have to make some serious efforts. Even Mamy Rock had no idea that she can become a DJ.  Before this new scintillating career she was also living as a retiree in Portugal running a fabric shop. This all happened when she showed the enthusiasm and put some serious efforts to make her dream come true.  You can also do something like this, if not to become famous at least to achieve the real pleasure of life.