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Wellness Activities for Seniors

Activities for seniors that are related to wellness are not only limited to mental stimulating activities and physical activities. Activities for seniors that are going to be based on their wellness should include activities that can nourish and nurture their overall health in various different ways. It is very important for everyone, not just people who belong to the elderly adults’ age group, to engage and incorporate various activities that can improve and maintain their overall health.

Wellness Activities for Seniors: Diet and Nutrition

As people reach their senior years, they will have different dietary and nutritional requirements compared to people who are younger. Seniors require drinking more fluids than younger people, since seniors are at higher risks for dehydration. Wellness activities for seniors related to their diet and nutrition can be joining cooking club of seniors, joining classes wherein nutritional values and facts of various food products are explained, etc. Seniors may also enjoy joining clubs that write various cookbooks. Seniors can also join clubs that have activities for seniors that involve them to read various books of diet and nutrition, and by the end of the week, they will be asked to share their learning insights, comments, and recommendations regarding the book they have read.

Wellness Activities for Seniors: Socialization

Seniors Socializing While Playing Cards

Socialization is very important in every human being, especially to seniors. Activities for seniors that involve communication or socialization can be very helpful in maintaining seniors’ wellness or overall health. Activities for seniors that involve socialization may include joining various seniors’ club, playing mental games (chess, poker, cards, dominoes, etc), joining dance sessions, etc. Almost all activities for seniors involve social interaction with other seniors and other people. Proper socialization in seniors can help in lowering their risks for depression and socially interactive seniors are proven to be happier than those seniors who are alone.

Wellness Activities for Seniors: Fitness

Seniors have diminished physical abilities compared to younger people. However, seniors are not still excused not to engage in physical exercises. Exercises as regular activities for seniors are very important in keeping their physical body healthy and fit. Exercise for seniors should be based on senior’s physical ability. Walking (hiking), carrying light weights, dancing, and tae bo are some exercises that seniors can do. However, it is very important to consult a doctor first, before engaging in any physical exercises.

Wellness Activities for Seniors: Mental Activities

Keeping the mind mentally healthy and sharp is very important in seniors. Seniors who engage in mentally stimulating activities have lower risks for the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Mentally stimulating activities for seniors can be board games (crossword puzzle, word search, Sudoku), trivia games, reading books, newspapers, magazines, and many more.