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Walking Games For The Elderly

Walking As Activities For Seniors

Walking is the best exercise and is considered best for everyday activities for seniors. There are plenty of games that can be played outdoors by the seniors but have you thought of walking games for the seniors? Walking can sometimes be a very tedious job to perform on regular basis and according to a survey, most elderly give up the habit of walking in sometime or later because it becomes boring. In this article, I tried to come up with some good games for the seniors that can be joined as everyday walking and exercise schedule.

Games To Play While Walking As Activities For Seniors

  • Word Walking Games – While walking in the woods, seniors can engage in word games as fun activities for seniors. The idea here is to test your vocabulary. You have to take a walk with your retired buddies and while walking, you can play this game. Starting with the alphabet A, the games continues with the last alphabet of the word. You have to instant in your reply, if you are not able to answer the word instantly, you lose points. You can have a total of 100 points, one right answer gives you +1 point and one pass or no answer gives you -2. With 100 points, this game will run for at least 45 minutes, the perfect time for a good healthy walk. So isn’t a good way to recall those ‘scrabble’ words and kill the monotonousness of your everyday walking?
  • Walking Games For Elderly

    Observation Walking Game – Nature is endowed with many rich features but most often seniors just perform walking for the sake of being doing a regular duty. However, you can play one good game with your grandchildren or your retired buddies that is observation game. In this game, you need to observer every little thing while you are taking a morning walk. Immediately, when you have returned from the walk, you need to pen down everything you noticed and compare it with your retired buddy. This is a really interesting game as activities for seniors as it also helps to test your memory skills and also makes your morning walk fun and interesting.

These games will surly add fun to your everyday morning. These games test your memory power and especially are best for the elderly suffering with dementia. Also, you can use your own imagination to draw some interesting games like these.

Importance Of Games And Activities For Seniors

Seniors love to explore different things and are ready to learn new things in life. You should always support them to find the interesting activity for them as it will benefit them to live a healthy and fun filled life. Games and activities are the essence of a senior’s life to keep them motivated and also be engage in some or other work so that their mind is not idle. An idle mind is devil’s workshop and often it has been studied that seniors are more prone to depression that have no or less activities. So, plan a good morning walk today with above mentioned activities for seniors.

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