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Qigong Exercise | Exercise To Heal

To keep body energized is one of the most important aspects of life after retirement. To keep the body healthy especially for the elderly, it is important to keep the internal energy run smoothly in your body. Qigong exercises are such activities for seniors that keep the energy of the body to its maximum, thereby increasing your efficiency and effectiveness towards your everyday activities. Qigong also spelled as chi gung or chi kung, is a form of exercise which is gentle in nature and involves repeated movements to increase fluid movement of the body such as stretching the body and building attentiveness of how the body moves through space.

Qigong Exercise Is Easy To Perform

Qigong exercise is a low impact exercise that is gentle to your joints and are much easier to perform than:

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Gymnastics

The above exercises are helpful too but it depends on individual to individual’s body strength. An elderly, who has difficulty in twisting and turning their arms or legs, can avail several benefits from qigong.

Health Benefits Of Qigong Exercise As Activities For Seniors

Qigong can rejuvenate an elderly’s body. According to the studies and researches done more than 50 percent of the elderly people who started qigong after 60 years of age have noticed tremendous health improvements such as:

  • Relaxing of the meridians and functions of the body
  • Mortality and Stroke
  • Improvements in heart function
  • Changes in blood chemistry in hypertensive patients
  • Blood Pressure

  • Improvement in sex hormone levels
  • Improved activity of anti-aging enzyme SOD
  • Blood flow to the brain
  • Cardiovascular function
  • Cancer

Different Categories Of Qigong Exercise

Many different types of exercises have been created in qigong to raise the level of internal energy. They have being categorized in different sections, which you’ll see in the next few lines. If you are new to qigong, you can consider it as part of everyday activities for seniors and spend at least 1 hour for the exercise. You can start with 20 to 25 minutes and increase it slowly but steadily.

The different categories are:

  • Maintenance of health – The primary aim of qigong styles in this category is to gain two important aspects: mental and spiritual quietness. When you perform mental qigong exercises, it creates an energy flow in your mind. This energy flow is then utilized to perform moving qigong exercises. This balance is very essential under this category. The key components used here are: meditation and moving exercises. It is very helpful especially to seniors who have depression.
  • Putting a control or stop on sickness – Some of the benefits of raising the level of internal energy can end your sickness. When the body gets adrenaline rush of energy, the healing power of the body starts acting much faster and effectively.
  • Elongating Life – Qigong can be a very powerful tool to increase the effectiveness of the blood and brain cells. We know that our bone marrow produces most of the cells in our body, so when your blood is healthy your whole body will become healthy, thereby increasing your life.

Look For Local Activities For Seniors Centers Or Social Groups To Enjoy Qigong

The best way to perform qigong exercises in an effective manner is to form or join social groups and work together. Feel free to share your comments, if you have any idea which you’d like to share, please do so. Well work to bring it up to our website and share it with more people. Do not forget to make qigong as part of activities for seniors.