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Name that Music! Indoor Activity for Seniors

There really are times when seniors do not find it enjoyable to do outdoor activities. There are a lot of possible factors why seniors do not want to go outdoors, it may be the weather is too cold for them to tolerate or they really just find it tiring to go outdoors. But nothing to worry! There can be a wide variety of activities that can be done and enjoyed indoors by seniors. It can be board games, traditional card games, arts & crafts, dancing, singing, and many more. Whatever seniors find fun and entertaining, such as listening to music, they can always find a way to make it into an activity.

People, from all age groups, are always unique from each other, having different strengths, weaknesses, and interests. It is always possible for one senior to find one certain activity more entertaining and fun from other activities. However, there is this one activity that seniors will surely have fun and will want to keep on doing the activity over and over again. And this activity is called “Name that Music!”

Senior playing piano

What is “Name that Music!”?

Name that Music is an activity or a game that can be played by at least 2 teams with fair number of players on both teams. This game involves using musical instruments at basic levels. It will be much better to have experienced musicians in both teams, although it will be fine to have no experienced musicians at all. Name that Music will surely entertain all players from both teams and players can also interact and socialize with other players.

What are the things needed for “Name that Music!”?

  1. CD player
  2. CD with music
  3. Musical Instruments, such as guitar, piano, tambourine, harmonica, accordion, flute, etc.
  4. Whiteboard and whiteboard marker (optional)

How to play “Name that Music!”?

  1. Form 2 teams with equal number of players in each team. This game can also be played by 2 players only.
  2. Pick three different songs from different genres, and play them to the players using the CD player.
  3. Players from both teams are then asked to pick musical instruments for them to use.
  4. The first team will then try to play one of the three songs played earlier using the musical instrument.
  5. The other team must try to guess the right title of the song, which the other team is currently playing.
  6. The team who gets the highest score wins the game.
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