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Letterboxing As Activities For Seniors

Letterboxing – An Interesting Activities For Seniors

If you want to help your seniors by providing some exciting activities for seniors, then letterboxing can be a happening activity for them. This is a different sort of activity and full of fun. In this activity, seniors can involve anybody. It is a team based activity and can be played with family members, friends, relatives, neighbors or so on. So, it is a great way to time pass and make your time full of fun. Therefore, learn all about letterboxing and suggest this fantastic activity to your seniors for their fun sake.

Activities For Seniors – Get Complete Idea About Letterboxing

To know completely what letterboxing is or what kind of activity letterboxing is, then here is the answer to guide you perfectly. Letterboxing is a kind of game that can be played outside as activities for seniors. It is a treasure hunt involving orientation to achieve goals and deciphering clues. This activity is interesting as well as adventurous. Here, treasure refers to a box that contains a stamp made of rubber or you can include stickers and other small objects to make it enjoyable. Main concept of letterboxing is get discover the stamp and box to get design in a particular notebook.

Hunters Acknowledge Their Findings


In this activity, all the players play the role of hunters and they hunt for letterbox and the hidden items. Each hunter gets his personal rubber stamp and they use this stamp to acknowledge their findings. When they discover the treasure, they immediately acknowledge it by stamping. Along with stamping, they sign in a guestbook which they find in the letterbox. This activity is quite similar to geocaching; however, in this activity, you don’t need to get any GPS system to discover hidden boxes.

Who Can Play Letterboxing Activity

This is an activity which can be played by anyone. So, being an elderly, if seniors would play this game, they will surely feel fresh and happy. Involving in complete treasure makes a person feel adventurous and thus, they don’t feel lonely. Moreover, this activity for seniors is a team based activity, so it is a great way to get rid of isolation. Generally, people in old age start feeling isolated, but letterboxing offers seniors a chance to make new friends or grow stronger relations.

Organize Everything Properly Before Participating In Letterboxing Activities For Seniors

To make this game interesting, you should create several letterboxes and should hide them in different places like attractions, parks, beaches, or any other areas. In case, you feel confusion in finding relevant location to hide these letterboxes, then with a small search on the internet, you can find various ideas for the same. But, do remember that this is a outdoor activity, so you should organize everything outside for sure. This way, you will surely help your seniors in providing the most happening activities for seniors.