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Home Made Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Indoor Activities for Seniors

For those seniors or retired people who have a cabin or a cottage, a sort of a summer house or anything similar located in a remote area then there is a possibility that you have absolutely no electricity there. This is of course one of the benefits to get away from the modern world, but you can still have some minimal comforts of shaving or using the fan or other such basic needs which can be made much easier using electricity. However, at the same time you do not want to or you are not able to bring a line all the way to your remote location. Therefore, seniors or retired people who are in this situation have a fantastic opportunity to construct a small wind turbine and/or a series of home made solar panels as an indoor activity.

Home Made Wind Turbine Indoor Activity for Seniors

Cottage Wind Turbine Indoor Activities for Seniors

Actually very little knowledge is needed to succeed in constructing a home made wind turbine. There are numerous guides available all over the internet, although some are more complicated than others. So I suggest you find a very simple guide, for example by searching on YouTube where there are millions of videos giving step by step instructions and just like you had built airplanes or other puzzles when you were a small child you can, in the same way, just follow the very simple guides and construct your own wind turbine as an indoor activity. The entire activity from start to finish will take no more than 2 days of relaxed working and it will cost you only around 50-100 dollars for which you will not only have the emotional reward of achievement and learning but you will also generate enough power to use small electrical appliances in your cottage or summer house.

Home Made Solar Panels Indoor Activity for Seniors

Cottage Solar Panel Indoor Activities for Seniors

Solar panels are also made the same way as I describe above with only minor deviations as the special silicone or whatever light absorbing material you will have to purchase and just wait for delivery while the wind turbine spare parts can all be bought in your local hardware store. Still, creating an array of small cheap solar panels all made indoors as a fun and educational activity should give you also pride and a bunch of electricity.

A Scalable Indoor Activity

The best part about these activities is that you can just do it one time and enjoy it or you can get interested in them and make it a completely new hobby for yourselves. Moreover, both senior men as well as senior women can do it although stereotypically men tend to do it more often. And you can also scale these activities to a larger scale and construct bigger or different types of things, which is all fun and a great learning.

The Connection with Charity for Seniors

Charity Solar Panel Indoor Activities for Seniors

If you are among those seniors or retired people who also want to help people in need then you can use these newly learnt skills and go teach them to distant and needy communities who can then start enjoying the benefits of electricity when they have never or for a very long time not had the ability to even switch on a light bulb.

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