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How Home Gyms and Equipment Can Benefit Seniors?

Exercise is an important activity for seniors but many seniors do not prefer to go to a gym or community health center because of lack of interest or mobility issues. Seniors often prefer to exercise simple workouts in homes because of less money or rising costs or maybe due to tight budgets to join a gym or a fitness center. So many seniors consider purchasing home gyms to enjoy health benefits in a convenient home location.

Benefits of Home Gym Equipment for Seniors

Buying home gym equipment can benefit many seniors who:

  • Do not have a convenience to go to a gym or a health club
  • Live in a remote area where driving for a gym or fitness center is a long distance
  • Requires more flexible schedule for every day exercise
  • Are unable to join gym or fitness center because of financial conditions or weather constraints
  • Likes to perform shorter workouts couple of times throughout the day
  • Requires longer breaks while switching to different exercises
  • Are usually self-motivated or self-directed
  • Feel more secure & safe while exercising at home

    Home Exercising

Seniors who likes to engage in a well-rounded fitness routine enjoys the convenience of having a home gym. For instance, if a senior like to work out early in the morning, a home gym or exercise equipment may be more preferable than driving to a gym, particularly if the gym does not open early in the morning or is too far away from senior’s home.

Include More Physical Activities to Your Exercising Routine

Many seniors also prefer to incorporate wide varieties of physical activities, such as exercise videos, walking programs, or interactive video sessions and use of equipment like Nintendo Wii to work on key exercise recommendations by experts. The American Heart Association and College of Sports Medicine recommends that while working out at home seniors should include:

  • Therapeutic and preemptive physical activities
  • Aerobic exercises of moderate intensity
  • Moderate muscle strengthening and balance exercises for seniors
  • Exercise that promotes increased flexibility and range of movement
  • Exercises that promotes more liveliness and activeness

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Spend on Specific Equipments

Working out with a set of fitness equipment and machines not only encourages a customized exercise routine, but it saves money in the long run as quality exercise equipment can last for several years with a very little maintenance cost. Seniors who are well-versed with exercises they can perform can focus their attention on buying specific equipment rather than paying to use equipment that does not fit well with particular needs in a gym.

Exercising Equipments

Gym Equipments for Seniors

Few examples of gym equipment, supplies, and machine that you can buy include:

  • Treadmill for cardio exercises
  • All-in-one weight lifting machine
  • Stationary bicycle
  • Free weight equipment like kettle bells or barbells.
  • Folding stair machines or steppers
  • Elliptical machine
  • Indoor rower
  • Exercise cords such as resistance bands
  • Exercising mats, balls and blocks

Self-motivated seniors can safely enjoy their work out session at home by purchasing their own exercise and gym equipment. It enables them to focus on their preferred exercises by customizing their own time-table. Although the initial cost may seem to be high, but in the long run; the advantages of having gym equipment at home best the costs invested towards gym fees.