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Indoor Physical Activity Ideas for Seniors

It is undeniable that seniors who engage in doing different activities for seniors live happier and healthier lives. Seniors, just like younger people, should do physical activities and mentally stimulating activities to help them keep active. Physical activities, mentally stimulating activities, and socialization are the 3 most important factors that can help a senior live happier, longer, and healthier. Researchers have proven that seniors who engage in doing various activities for seniors have lower risks for developing depression and psychological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia.

Indoor Physical Activities for Seniors

There are a lot of people thinking that physical activities are not for seniors. In fact, physical activities for seniors can be very beneficial in the overall wellbeing of seniors. There are a wide variety of physical activities for seniors, which can be done outdoors or even indoors. There are times that it may be impossible for seniors to do physical activities and other activities outdoors. However, whatever they can do outdoors, it can be possible to be done indoors.

Strengthening Exercises as Indoor Physical Activities for Seniors

Seniors Carrying Light Weights

Who said that strengthening exercises can’t be done by seniors? Seniors can positively do strengthening exercises indoors by using small hand weights. Strengthening exercises can help in stimulating movement and improving muscle strength in seniors. Seniors who do strengthening exercises are more fit, healthier, and even stronger than seniors who do not engage in any strengthening exercises.

TV Workouts as Indoor Physical Activities for Seniors

There are TV fitness programs specially made for seniors and other people with physical limitations. There are a lot of different TV fitness programs that seniors can choose from, including yoga, Tae Bo, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Zumba, Body Sculpting, and many more. In TV fitness programs, there are hosts that explain each step of the exercise routine and how it should be done. Usually, each fitness program has different levels (beginner, advance, expert) and some fitness programs may require the use of equipments.

Dancing as Physical Indoor Activities for Seniors

Dancing is a type of activity that is not only fun, but it can also be a good exercise. Dancing can be done formally, wherein there are steps to follow and there will be a dance instructor. However, seniors will also surely love dancing freestyle. Just leave the stereo and speaker on high volume, play a playlist with danceable beats, and allow seniors to strut their moves with the music. Dancing will not just burn calories, improve metabolism, and fun, dancing can also be a type of physical indoor activities for seniors that can stimulate socialization with other seniors.