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Dancing Indoor Activity for Seniors

It is very important for everyone to stay active, especially seniors. It is during the senior years where in they can very well become couch potatoes and live a sedentary lifestyle. Being seniors is not a reason for a person to stay inactive. There are a lot of fun activities that will suit anyone’s needs and can keep the good times rolling during senior years.

Dancing to a Better Life

Senior Couple Dancing Ballroom

When looking for fun indoor activities that seniors will surely love, it is not necessary for activities to be labeled “strictly for seniors”. There are lots of activities that seniors loved before, that they can do some modifications to the activity, to make it suitable for their physical limitations. One good example of an indoor activity that any senior will surely love is dancing. Dancing can definitely bring back a renewed interest to their senior life.

Seniors who will engage in dancing will not just have fun, but it can also improve their quality of life. Dancing helps seniors increasing their stamina by improving their cardio. Since dancing can be done together with other seniors, it can also help in sharpening the mind through social interaction and as they learn new steps in their dance.

Types of Dances for Seniors:

Seniors can try doing all types of dance, however, there are some types of dance that may not be permitted due to their physical limitations, such as hip-hop, break dance, ballet, and many more. Few of the most popular types of dance seniors love are:

  • Ballroom Dancing – may bring back memories from the past that makes it more entertaining and sentimental. Ballroom dancing can improve seniors’ feet and body coordination.
  • Tap Dancing – this type of dance can improve gait and balance of seniors, since they need to stomp their feet on the dance floor together with the beat, while maintaining their balance.
  • Square Dancing – this is a type of dance that promotes social interaction since seniors need to be dancing as partners and working with a group.

Advantages of Dancing to Seniors:

Dancing does not only serve as a mean of entertainment for seniors, it can also be considered as a physical exercise. Dancing consists of different body movements that can burn calories, improve blood circulation, increase balance control, increases mobility without joint damage, improves posture and develops bone mass and strength. Dancing regularly, at least 3 times per week, is proven to east the obstacles of aging.

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