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Computer Games to Stimulate Brain Function in Seniors

Usually, when people hear the phrase “games for seniors”, the games that pop out in their heads are card games, mahjong, bingo, and chess. However, seniors these days are slowly adapting to the advancement and modernization of technologies. What I am talking about is that, some seniors are already using computers or laptops to surf the internet, read e-books, play games, and many more.

Senior Women Playing Computer Games

Why is it Important to Keep the Brain Functioning and Stimulated?

Playing games especially brain games that can stimulate the brain’s function is very important to everyone from all age groups, especially seniors. Keeping the brain functioning at its best can help in delaying occurrence or it lowers the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease during elderly adult years. In fact, the number of neurons (brain cells) in seniors is equal with the numbers of neurons with teenagers. The cause of the deterioration of the brain’s function is brain disuse. When not stimulating the brain properly can cause the deterioration of dendrites (connections between neurons or brain cells), while keeping the brain functioning by proper stimulation can prevent deterioration of dendrites.

Computer Games for Seniors:

Games are always very fun to play, especially when it involves playing with your friends and/or family. Playing games are not just good for the mind since it can stimulate brain function, it can also strengthen relationships with other people, especially friends and family, since it can promote social interaction and some games need teamwork.

Since technology is getting more and more advanced as time passes, seniors are also slowly adapting and learning on how to operate and use the most recent gadgets and technologies. It is very important for seniors to know how to use computers, since it can be way for them to see and learn more about the wonders of the earth through surfing the internet, and play different computer games online.

Famous Computer Games Seniors Play:

All types of computer games, may it be role-playing games, online or not, it can help sharpen the mind, improve concentration, and improve joint reflexes of seniors. Seniors who are engaging their selves in playing different computer games can have a better quality of life compared to other seniors who do not learn on how to play computer games. Here are some famous computer games that seniors love:

  • Solitaire
  • Flip Words
  • Text Twist
  • Bookworm
  • Free Cell
  • Texas Hold’Em Poker
  • Scrabble

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