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Standard Walking Poles or Anti-Shock Walking Poles

There are different varieties with various advantages and disadvantages of walking poles available in the market these days. Walking poles are made to help people by providing extra support and providing more balance in various walking activities. Seniors are not only the ones who can benefit from walking poles, but also other people from all age groups. As mentioned, there are a lot of varieties of walking poles that people can choose from, and one variety or option in walking poles equipped with anti-shock system. When deciding on whether to choose standard walking poles or anti-shock walking poles will come down to different important factors that need to be considered.

Cost of Standard Walking Poles

Standard Walking Poles or Anti-Shock Walking Poles

Obviously, standard walking poles will most of the time, if not all the time, be way cheaper than walking poles with anti-shock system. However, prices of different standard walking poles are not all the same. The price of a standard walking pole will also depend on what material is being used in making the shaft and other parts of the walking pole. People who are in a tight budget can still buy themselves with a pair of walking poles for only more or less $20.00. However, if you want to buy walking poles manufactured by reputable manufacturers, then will most likely need to spend more money.

Cost of Anti-Shock Walking Poles

Anti-shock system is an additional useful feature in walking poles, especially when going on a trail hiking adventure and walking downhill. Just like standard walking poles, anti-shock walking poles do not come in similar prices, but some anti-shock walking poles made of aluminum will be cheaper than those anti-shock walking poles made of carbon fiber. When trying to budget on anti-shock walking poles, you will have to prepare yourself, since a pair of anti-shock walking poles will probably cost you more than $100.00.

Advantages of Anti-Shock Walking Poles

As the name suggests “anti-shock”, it will help in absorbing extra shock from the impact of the walking pole the moment it hits the ground as a person walks. Meaning, when using anti-shock walking poles, the arms and shoulders will be relieved from too much pressure and strain, thus anti-shock walking poles will be more comfortable to use. However, it is very important to remember that anti-shock walking poles will only be beneficial when walking in a level terrain or downhill only. Using anti-shock walking poles when walking uphill will only cause walking poles to work against you.