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Walking with Walking Poles

Walking poles are not only used in various hiking activities for seniors, it can even be used in any walking activities, such as strolling around, walking from one room to another, and many more. It is very important for seniors to gain most health benefits from walking poles they are using is that they will learn the right way on how to properly use their walking poles. There are some seniors who find it hard walking using walking poles simply because they do not know how to use their walking poles the right way. Being able to read the instruction manual that came with your purchased walking poles should be done for you to know how to properly use your walking poles.

Walking Poles for Trekking

Walking with Walking Poles

Hiking activities for seniors can be brought to the next level by going to mountainous trails. However, it is very important to know capabilities and physical endurance of seniors before any hiking activities. Walking poles or also called trekking poles can provide extra support and balance during trekking. Walking poles that are specially designed for trekking have grips and straps specially to help in assisting seniors or other users on the trail. Walking poles for trekking are also design with quick release in the event of the walking pole getting stuck during the hiking activity.

How to Properly Walk with Your Walking Poles

Every walking pole produced by different manufacturer has its own instruction manual. To fully gain all walking poles’ benefits, you have to fully read the instruction manual that came with your walking pole. However, no matter what specific kind of walking pole you are using, it will definitely take some time and practice before you can use your walking poles comfortably, properly, and use your walking poles to the fullest advantage.

Single Length Walking Poles or Adjustable Height Walking Poles?

Depending on where and how you are going to use your walking pole, that is how you will be able to choose the right walking pole and whether you will need to use an adjustable height walking pole or the single length walking pole. For example, if your main purpose why you are going to purchase walking poles is for a hiking trip, you may want to consider buying an adjustable height walking pole. Adjustable height walking poles that can collapse down will be beneficial during hiking trips, since it can easily be placed and fit inside your backpack, and it will surely be handy wherever you are.