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Recipes For Elderly With No Teeth

Words like ‘WHY?’ and ‘WHAT?’ become more interesting when it comes to the diet of elderly people especially elders that are having teeth problems. The answers lie within the digestion process of the elders. The digestion process is commenced as soon as the food enters the mouth of a person. The teeth play an important role in digestion. As soon as the food enters the mouth, the teeth does breaking down of the big lumps in the food particle into fine morsels and also helps in churning the food inside the mouth, helping it to properly mix with the saliva. It is safe to assume that 55%-60% of the digestion process is already done before the food reaches the stomach. When it comes to the elderly people, due to aging they tend to have lack of calcium, iron as well as various other nutrients which lead to bone defects as well as teeth problems. Basically liquid, semi-solid and soft chewy recipes for elderly people are suggested to ones having dental issues.

Nutritious Recipes for Elderly People with No Teeth

I have sorted out three most effective healthy food items for seniors who like to enjoy soft diet because of their teeth problems. These are:

  1. Bitter-Gourd Juice

Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter-gourd is rich in iron, phosphorous and Vitamin B-5, also known as Pantothenic acid.

Iron helps in purifying blood by removing toxins. It also helps the blood in carrying oxygen efficiently by forming bonds with the hemoglobin present in the RBC and absorbing maximum amount of oxygen. This allows more supply of oxygen to the brain, keeping the mind active and energetic.

Presence of Vitamin B-5, basically acts as nutrient absorber and synthesizer. It helps the digestive system to remain healthy by breaking down carbohydrates, fats and amino acid.

Phosphorous helps in keeping the skeletal system as well as excretory system healthy by forming RBC’s and other blood components. It also helps in waste removal. 85% of phosphorous are found in bone marrow and excretory system.

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  1. Fluffy Egg Scramble          

Fluffy Egg Scramble

Eggs consist of two parts, the yellow portion of the egg known as ‘egg yolk’ and the white portion known as ‘egg white’. The yolk contains cholesterol and saturated fats which acts as storehouse of energy. Breakdown of 1 gram of fat liberates 9 calories.

The egg white contains huge amount proteins, which are also known as the ‘BUILDING BLOCKS’ of the body. The work of proteins basically is to repair damaged cells present and deals with the muscular system in the body.

  1. Cinnamon Rice          

Rice is rich in starch and carbohydrates which act as the primary source of energy. Breakdown of one gram of carbohydrate liberates 4 calories which provides the body with ample amount of energy. Cinnamon contains sodium, potassium, magnesium and various other salts which help in absorbing the waste from the blood in the nephrons present in the kidneys helping in waste removal.

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Soft Food Diet For Elderly

These food items are generally easy to chew and are good in minerals and vitamins. A senior with no teeth finds it difficult to chew food so it is essential that you provide them enough juices and other liquid and soft food diet for elderly to supplement their body requirements of daily energy.