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Quick and Easy Meals for Seniors

Relatively there is little knowledge on how the nutritional requirements of the elderly differ from those who are younger. Although a larger percentage of the old age population usually enjoy a healthy life, age-related health issues do increase with age and often have an adverse effect on eating habits.

Is Genetics Make-Up Responsible For Change In Diet?

The study of normal aging or gerontology and science has brought in new insights into aspects of aging that in the past were considered ‘normal’. While there is a similar pattern of ups and downs that are visible among all humans as they age, these changes however can occur at dissimilar rate in different individuals. There is very little known about how this change varies? Is it due to genetic make-up or due to change in diet (meal preparations)?

Good Eating Habit

A good eating habit throughout life helps to promote mental and physical well-being. For seniors, eating right by preparing quick and easy meals can help to minimize the symptoms of age-related changes. There is copious evidence to show that if you maximize your intake of essential nutrition, it can extend your lifespan and improve the quality of life.

Meal Planning For Seniors

Meal planning can be more burdensome for some older people especially if preparing or shopping meals is challenging. Seniors with arthritis, or poor eyesight or impaired hearing may find it difficult to drive to the grocery store. For them, reading package instructions or brand labels, or to handle cooking utensils and open bottles can be a very difficult task. It is also difficult for them to maintain the motivation to cook especially when preparing meals for only one or two persons.

Ready-Made Snacks and Meals for Seniors

For all these whys and wherefores, it may be necessary to find out some quick and easy meals for seniors which are convenient to prepare and easy to digest. For instance, ready-to-eat healthy breakfast items such as oatmeal and whole grain cereals are first choice of seniors, as they can easily cooked in a microwave oven. The next most preferred item on their list of favorite foods is fruits. Canned fruits and fresh fruits are both easy to consume and keeps the stomach full for longer period of time and are also very nutritious. Low-fat muffins, whole grain breads and bagels are also easy food items to eat for seniors as they can be refrigerated and served for two as a simple snack whenever taken out. Other easy meal ideas can be made from frozen or fresh items such as:

  • Plain or mixed frozen vegetables
  • Peanut butter
  • Pinto beans
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Black-eyed peas
  • Frozen jars of vegetable salads such as beet or three-bean salad
  • Bean chili
  • Pancakes
  • Vegetable lasagna
  • Low-fat muffins

Why Well-Planned Easy Meal For Seniors?

A well-planned easy meal for seniors can help to overcome or decrease the chances of certain health problems that may become more prominent as you age. There is no much dilemma sometimes about what is healthy for you and what is not. A good guideline is to have foods in their natural or ‘whole’ state. Another important rule is to supplement most of your calories from plant-based foods – vegetables, nuts, grains and fruits. Add foods that are healthy in your regular meals to enjoy your retirement days.