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Nine Men Morris | A Game For The Elderly That Dates Back To The Roman Empire

Boredom is the worst thing that most happens when you retire from your work and settle down at home doing gardening or any other activities for the elderly. Well you can always try to investigate on more things in life that can make you happy especially with your buddies. Your colleagues and family member are the best guiding light and a source of inspiration too and you can always invest your quality time with them by playing some interesting game for the elderly. This will enrich your everyday schedule and you would have a fun time and also will help in keeping you in touch with family and friends in your retired days.

Finding The Right Game To Play

There are many interesting board games that are available in the market and are really interesting to play. I was just planning to get some good old game that was simple to learn and fun to play. To my surprise I found this interesting game called nine men’s morris. It’s a board game that can be played by two players at a time. This game is also popular with the name merrilles. This game history dates back to the Roman Empire and is now amongst a popular game in internet too.

How To Play Nine Men Morris

This game makes use of tokens. These tokens can be distributed amongst players and the player starts with nine different colored tokens each. There are many circles that are available in the board to mark your chance. To start the game, you have to use your token and place it in the circle that is marked in the board. When you have finished placing all your tokens, don’t worry it’s not the end of the game but the game has entered its second interesting phase where you would be rewarded with the winner title.

Eliminate Your Opponents Token To Be A Winner

Whenever you have token arranged in the form of a mill, you have the right to put your opponent token out of the board. This is how this game for the elderly reveals the actual fun. If all the token are placed in the shape of the mill than the player is given some exception of taking a single token from anywhere. This exception is also a rule of the game. It’s always possible to make two mills at the initial game play but the player cannot revoke more than a single token at one chance. One who is finally left with the minimum number of token and cannot make any further move in the game loses.

Games For The Elderly Increases Your Participation In Social Life

Games for the elderly really ignite the spark within as they give a chance to get together and celebrate. If you don’t know these games gives you plenty of exercise to your brain too. These activities for the elderly are ideal for you to maintain a good flow of life and enjoy it. After all you have serviced for a long time and it’s time to relax and have fun. You can always download this game in your cell phone and can also play it online while competing with your friend. It is going to bring you ample amount of thrill and fun in your retirement days.