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Group Activity Ideas for Low Level Seniors

When it comes to choosing the right activities for seniors, there are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into consideration. Due to the normal aging process, as people get older, there will be a lot of changes physically and even mentally. Seniors have certain physical limitations and abilities, which are very important in choosing perfect activities for seniors. However, having physical limitations in seniors should not be a hindrance for them to enjoy various activities what will not only exercise their physical strength, but will also improve or maintain their mental functions and provide social interactions with other seniors and people from other age groups. Choosing the right activities for low level seniors can improve their overall health.

Activities for Low Level Seniors: Potted Gardening

Senior Pot Gardening

For seniors who love gardening ever since they were young or even for seniors who have not tried planting all their lives can enjoy and share their interests of gardening. Seniors can even choose to plant herbs, which can be very useful in cooking or as natural remedies for various medical disorders. Gardening in low level seniors should be done on pots that are placed on tables or elevated platform, for seniors to easily reach. Seniors have fragile bones and may find it hard to bend or stoop down the ground just to reach their plants. Gardening can be a perfect activity for seniors, for it does not require too much physical exertion.

Activities for Low Level Seniors: Day Trips

If seniors are restricted to go on trips outside the nursing home, they are at higher risks for developing depression. Bringing seniors out on day trips can allow them to see new sights and interact with other people from the community in a controlled setting. Day trips for seniors are not only limited to bringing them to museums and other tourist spots, you can also bring them to malls, restaurants, or even parks for them to stroll around and enjoy. Day trips for seniors may cost money. Fund raising activities can be done to help raise funds that will be used for seniors’ day trips and other activities.

Activities for Low Level Seniors: Dancing

Who does not want to dance? I guess almost everyone loves dancing. Low level seniors can still strut their moves on the dance floor. The most important thing to consider when you let seniors dance is the music you are going to use. If you want seniors to enjoy, choose music that they can relate to. Music should come from their generation for seniors to easily groove.