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Crossword Puzzle – A Game To Keep The Elderly Stimulated And Stress Free

The problem that comes with the age is memory loss. We often find the elderly searching for their house keys, glasses or something else. It irritates so much when one has to go through the same torture every day. Although, there are medicines to combat the problem but they are not enough. There is no such equipment in the market that can help them re-call everything with a button click. We don’t have a better machine then a human brain to rely on for anything. The machine is the creator of everything you see in this world.  Instead of medicine and equipment helping you increase your memory why don’t you do a few brain exercises to sharpen it automatically.

Make Good Use Of Your Enriched Vocabulary

For memory it is said that “the more you harness the more it become”. So it’s a myth only that it can not be improved after a certain age. It improves irrespective of age. If you don’t believe me just give it a try yourself. Crossword puzzles are one among so many games for the elderly that not only offers hours of entertainment but also sharpen the brain and thus the memory. With age, the elderly have gathered a lot of vocabularies in them, when they sit for a crossword puzzle they scribble down the answer with great ease.

Crossword Puzzle – A Game Of Multiple Benefits

A crossword puzzle game is a list of hidden words in a given field of random letters. The facilities of the word puzzle game are so many. First, it can be found anywhere. Newspapers usually have a column for crossword puzzles so the elderly can pick up a newspaper anytime they are free and start playing the game. Second, the game has no time limit and you can play the game alone as well. You can spend hours and days solving a crossword puzzle. One might have suggested the game to their grandparent for a regular memory exercise but the game is much more then a brain exercise and a vocabulary enrichment tool. It proposes that same immense pleasure that they would have got with other fun loving activities for the elderly.

A Few Skill Developing Tips

There are a few tips that will help in developing the skill in the game:

  • Until you are very sure, do not write your answer or even a single character
  • Keep your mind open for all possible meanings
  • Be ready for the words that have dozen of meanings
  • Do not hesitate to rethinking for a word again
  • Choose the next one with caution

Keep Your Brain Busy With Something Or The Other Thing

Crossword puzzle has a long history in adding a lot of words to the personal dictionary of many of the people. The game is also a great help in humanizing cognitive function, memory strengthening and also in lowering the risk of a few diseases like Alzheimer’s. You may have reached to the age but it is always a good practice to keep your brain busy with new things. Initiating with new hobbies every now and then is good to keep your brain busy and active.  You are not limited to puzzle games only, various other activities like travelling; listening to music and playing cards also helps in improving brain’s condition.