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What is Brain Age And How It Can Help Seniors

Posted in Nintendo Games Seniors

What Is Brain Age, Let’s Have A Look Nintendo DS Games are the best known for benefitting elderly people and it is a collection of...

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Is There Any Mental Value To Playing Solitaire Dominoes?

Posted in Brain Games & Puzzles, Memory Improvement for Seniors

Seniors should engage in doing activities for seniors, especially mind stimulating games and/or activities.  Activities for seniors that...

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Brain Exercises as Activities for Seniors

Posted in Brain Games & Puzzles

Activities for Seniors are considered to be beneficial and important when it can keep seniors entertained and it can promote physical and...

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Backgammon | Brain Games for Seniors

Posted in ARTICLES per ACTIVITY, Brain Games & Puzzles, Games for Seniors

Keeping the brain functioning at its best for the longest time possible is very important to maintain overall health and wellbeing,...

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