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Foods to Pack during an RV Trip

When planning and choosing activities for seniors, it is not necessary to choose only those indoor activities or those usual activities that are famous and widely done by seniors. Choosing outdoor activities for seniors, such as camping, fishing, RV trips, etc., can really be beneficial to seniors, in a way that it can really be healthy for them physically, socially, and even mentally. Seniors who go on an RV trip and seniors who engage in various outdoor activities are proven to be healthier and even happier than those seniors who do not always engage in various activities for seniors.

What to Pack during an RV Trip?

Foods to Pack during an RV Trip

Packing the right amount and the right kind of things during an RV trip is very important. RV trips are done to go across the country or travel to other places in a span of several days or even months. Days or even weeks prior your scheduled RV trips, you should already start planning and preparing your things that need to be packed for your RV trip. It will be better if you will have a checklist for all the things that you are going to need. With a checklist on hand, you will never miss or forget a thing when packing.

Foods to Bring during an RV Trip

Once you have prepared all the things needed for your RV kitchen, you will then have to decide and prepared foods for the entire duration of your RV trip. One tip: It is better to pack extra food than too pack too little and not enough food. Here are some tips of what to food to pack or bring during your RV trip.

  1. Dry and Canned Goods – these types of food are very versatile. Dry foods, such as bread, beans, and pasta are the basics when packing for food during an RV trip. Dry foods are usually high in carbohydrates, which is responsible or the main source of energy. While canned goods, they can be eaten anytime and when you know how to choose the right canned goods, it can even be a good supply of numerous vitamins and minerals.
  2. Perishable Food – if your RV has a refrigerator inside, then you can bring perishables. If you bring perishables, make sure that it is at its freshest state and make sure that you are going to use those foods. Bring meat, eggs, creams, vegetables, fruits, and ice during your RV trip.
  3. Beverages – bottled waters should never be forgotten when packing food for your RV trip. And always have spare unopened bottled water in case of emergency situations. Aside from bottled water, bring soda, juice, coffee, and tea.
  4. Fun Foods – Fun foods include chips, biscuits, ice cream, nachos, chocolate, graham, marsmallo, etc.